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    Whatever you chose to do, please be assured that I will be available to support and accommodate all of your needs at this time.
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    I am highly committed to ensuring that each animal will be treated with respect and dignity
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    At Edinburgh & Lothian Pet Crematorium, I offer INDIVIDUAL cremation of pets
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Caring For Your Pet With Dignity And Respect At All Times

At Edinburgh & Lothian Pet Crematorium, I offer individual cremation of all pets, including: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, rats, snakes, birds, and all of our other small furry friends.

Pet Cremation Services

  • Genuine Individual Cremation of each pet
  • Farewell room to enable you to spend time with your pet
  • Same day cremation
  • A choice of caskets, urns, scatter pouches and photo frames
  • Certificate of cremation
  • Online book of remembrance
  • Edinburgh Pet Cremation Specialists
  • Individual cremation and ashes returned on same day

Edinburgh Pet Cremation services offer an alternative way of saying goodbye to your much.  Established in July 2012.  I am based in East Lothian and cover all areas or Scotland and England.

Should you telephone me and get my answer machine, please bear with me as I will be with another pet owner. Please leave your name and number and I will return you call as soon as I possibly can.

Informing Your Vet

Please remember that your vet does not use Edinburgh and Lothian Pet Crematorium services (even if you see my details in their surgery). They already have existing arrangements.

This is ultimately a very difficult time for all pet owners and I know how hard it can be to leave the surgery without your much loved pet. For most, there is no forewarning that they are going to lose their pet and therefore feel they have to make a decision there and then as to what should happen to their pet. Please be aware that you can go away and take time to make an informed choice as to what you would like to happen next. You do not have to make an instant choice. Whatever you chose to do, please be assured that I will be available to support and accommodate all of your needs at this time.

The cost of this private service is no more than that charged by your vet – and usually even less.
 Most importantly, I am a caring and dedicated animal lover who has spent a lifetime rescuing, fostering, adopting and caring for all animals, domestic and wild. Please be rest assured that every animal will be treated with respect, care and dignity at all times, and in the same way that I would expect for my own pets.

Daisy. Poppy and Reggie

I would like to offer my sympathies to the families of Daisy, Poppy and Reggie.  All very much loved family members who will be sorely missed.
8 Thorntonloch Holdings,
Dunbar, East Lothian EH42 1QS
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