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In Memory of:

Wee Kimmie

Kimmie mem page

To my wee Kimmie, gone but never forgotten.  A gentle soul and the best wee “cookieboo” that anyone could have wished for.  Thinking of her always x

Passed away 28th October 2010 at the grand old age of 20.

I thought of you with love today,
but that is nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday,
and days before that too.

I think of you in silence,
I often speak your name.
All I have are memories
And a picture in a frame.

kimmie mem page2

Your memory is a keepsake,
with which I'll never part.
God has you in his keeping,
I have you in my heart.

You will live on in my heart
my little friend so true,
and memories of you will fill my mind
until I go to you.

Nell, Maddie, Todd and Jean

Nell, Maddie, Todd and Jean

Nell, Maddie, Todd and Jean

My sisters dogs - Nell, Maddie, Todd (all sadly passed away in 2011) and Jean,

Enjoying a day out at Thorntonloch.

Always in our thoughts xx

Carla - Dads Bairn

Carla 2

Hello Rhoda. Thank you very much for all you have done for us. It gave me great comfort to know that Carla was treated in death as she was in life, with dignity, respect and love. 7 years and nine months ago a little 6 week old puppy came out from underneath a couch where I was sitting and started to chew my shoelaces, little did I know that I had just been chosen by this wee pup. Kisses and cuddles every day, being with me every day apart from the odd hour or so when I went to church or to a slimming class, we were always side by side. Happy years passed then the vets told me that Carla had kidney failure and there was no hope. I always promised her that she would not be in pain or end up in a skip. The vets came to my home, I kissed Carla, told her that she was ma wee bairn and that I loved her....I felt the life drain from her as I held her in my arms. CarlaI had her buried in garden but I couldn’t settle with this. I contacted you and thank god you had this service there. You knew what I was going through......I had Carla lifted from her grave and brought to you. After six days in the ground Carla was just as she had been buried, she was cleaned and it looked as though she was just sleeping. The professional took over. I knew she was in good hands. Your compassion and honesty do you credit and I would have no hesitation in advising people who are in a similar situation to come to you. You brought my Carla back to me...a beautiful casket with a little poem as well which summed Carla up....on the top a brass plaque simply says...Carla...Dads Bairn.  Thank you very much Rhoda...Big Jim

Carla was my life and I will miss her forever and a day x


Hi Rhoda. We are very grateful and thankful for the care you took in giving our piggy Pringle a respectful and dignified send off. He was taken so suddenly and so young. He is now back home in his lovely little urn, watching over all our other piggies.

Pringle 2Pringle 1

We all miss him greatly. xox

Thank you so much for your service.

Jenni and Charlie


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving my little cat Bubbles a respectful send off.  It's so obvious that you care a great deal for animals so I knew he was in good hands.  One in a million Rhoda 🙂 Missing him lots XxX

Sarah Fisher


Hi Rhoda


Here is a picture of Deebo at his best.

We originally took him in as an emergency foster dog in about October 2011 to assess him. He had been a dog who had been abused and beaten on a regular basis which was obvious by his reaction to the hand! But as time went on we fell in love with him and his daft ways. Despite his past he was a loving and cuddly boy with a very naughty side to him! Always wanting to play and winding the other dogs up! After all he was only a young dog probably about 3 when he died. In the end we couldn't bear to part with him as we felt he would need to go to a very special home where somebody would be firm with him without hitting him and we felt that that place was with us, despite the fact that we already had 8 other dogs, besides which he had found a play buddy in our other rescue English Bull Terrier, Tyson. Anyway he loved running about the garden with the 3 other boys chasing each other up and down and round and round. He was a happy boy. We also later discovered that he was also partially blind but his ears and nose worked just fine!!

It's strange now him not being here, the kennels are quiet, my lead is empty as he was the one I walked at night. He wasn't here for long but he left a big impression on our hearts.

I would just like to thank you again for everything you did. You could not have been more helpful or understanding and the service you offer is second to none, and made me feel comforted.  I would highly recommend you.

Stella - (Sunsanna Liona)

stella 2stella1


Stella 3

Stella 5Stella 4Stella6



Hi Rhoda,

I was extremely happy with everything you did for us and Maya. It has made a huge difference to my daughter who got Maya for a birthday present 13 years ago when she was just 8 years old. My daughter was concerned that she would never know what happened to Maya after she died and this has given her a lot of comfort.

She intends to spread Maya's ashes into the sea down at Cramond on Maya's birthday, February 22.

Thank you again for everything.




Dear Rhoda,

I must thank you for what you did for both myself and Perky.

Your attitude to my sad time really helped me to deal with losing my wee pal of 19 years.

Showing and explaining what would take place laid my mind at rest that the remains I would receive would be those of Perky.

To anyone looking for this kind of service, I can only say I recommend this lady and her business very highly.

Once again - Many Thanks

S. Graham.



In loving memory of Jack

In loving memory of Jack

Jack was rescued by the RGT as a cruelty case, he was with them for 16 months and he had given up hope as no one ever picked him. I went to see Sonia (RGT kennels) looking for a dog I had seen. She told me about Jack so I went to see him. He came out of his kennel and showed little interest. I took him for a walk and went to look at the other dog.

Sonia saw Jack peeking through the gate so I went back, he attached himself to me so he picked me. I took him home that very night, with the other dog (Millie) who coincidentally had lived next door to Jack in kennels. From then on Jack was my dog, he eventually grew his coat back and Millie taught him to play. He copied her and learnt to trust people again.

Sadly we learnt Jack had degenerative disc decease in his spine and it was inoperable, probably caused by his ill treatment in a cage too small for him. However Jack had decided he now loved life and continued to be strong and enjoyed 4 more years of fun, on his favourite walks and at the beach which he loved.

He was my friend and my rock for 7 years, always at my side wherever we were. Always knowing when I needed a Special friend and a hug.

I will always love him and Millie and I will be near him on our walks forever, his ashes are on his favourite hill where we walk each day.

I am so grateful to Rhoda and her family who were so amazing. The service that they offer is exceptional. Understanding how difficult it is, being patient and supportive of your needs and showing respect to the animals.

They are willing to show their work place to reassure that the service is for individual pets, this helped me choose this service as it was a concern to me. All communication was supportive and reassuring.

I cannot recommend them enough and I hope their new service grows and is recognised by pet owners as a comforting option to consider at a difficult time.

Good Luck Rhoda and family.



Nibbler and his son (wee man)


The beautiful Nibbler and his son - known fondly as the "wee man" or "son of Nibbler"

Both now gone, but forever in our thoughts x

Nibbler and wee man

Nibbler and wee man





Alaska, my dear boy, we first saw you at only 4 days old & we visited you both every week until you could come home to us, we were supposed to take your brother Louis but you & I connected. You squeaked & squealed with all your might until I cradled you in my arms again - from that day I knew you were meant for me, so we took you both home to love & cherish. You have enriched our life & filled it with unfailing love & loyalty. You grew old before your time & I cared for you as you cared for me. When you left you took a piece of my heart with you & left a huge hole in our lives.

We miss you deeply & look to where you should be only to find you gone, but you will live on in our hearts with warm memories. We love you our sweet gentle boy. xxx


Our thanks to Rhoda for her kind words, for taking such good care of our beloved boy & ensuring that we were separated for only a short while. Thank you for a compassionate & capable service.

Kindest regards

Erika & Graham Leid


[column size=two-third position=first ]

Bob you were only with us for a wee while
But when we think of you
We can only smile! x
(Colin and Louise)

[/column][column size=third position=last ]Bob[/column]


In Loving memory of our beautiful boy Bobby

In Loving memory of our beautiful boy Bobby

Hi Rhoda,

We just wanted to say thank you so much for every minute you spent with us and our boy yesterday.

Throughout the tears, sadness and the utter desperation of the fact we have lost our boy, you were a silver lining in the clouds. We are devastated our Bobby is no longer here, but in the next breath we are so happy and grateful that we found your company in time for his cremation. You treated his body with the dignity and respect that he deserved and we will never be able to thank you enough. Although he has moved onto a better place and we are still grieving for him, we are relieved that his body was cremated by you - you had zero qualms about showing us the entire process and explaining in great detail about what will happen.... although it's not something many will want to hear, let alone think about - sadly the case is, most pet owners will outlive their pet and when the time comes - for anyone - I would not be able to recommend you enough.

We could tell that you set up your business purely for your love of animals and you only had to listen to you for five minutes to understand your love of animals - whether they are your past or present pets, or a pet you have met on the streets. You are an amazing woman and should be extremely proud of what you are doing. Bobby is the first pet that we have lost and I can't tell you how much you made the whole situation easier for us.

Our casket with Bobby's ashes now sits safely in our home and we can't tell you the relief we feel knowing that they are his and ONLY his remains there. It has made the whole grief and loss stage a bit easier to cope with.

There should be more people like you in the world.

Take Care Rhoda, we both wish you and your family well for the future.

Chris & Allison.


[column size=third position=first ]Oscar 5[/column][column size=third position= ]

Oscar McLean

20-Nov-2002 To 15-Jun-2013

It’s been just over a week since you left us and we have just found the courage to write something and get some photos of you it's been one long hard journey and you are now at peace, miss taking you walks and getting cuddles from you, our cheeky wee monkey.

Joyce and Charlotte

[/column][column size=third position=last ]Oscar 2[/column]

Oscar 1Oscar 4Oscar 5




Shelley McWilliam - 1996 to 06 June 2013

My mum went into a pet shop in Glasgow for fish food.  She came out of the pet shop with a kitten, Shelley!


In Loving Memory of our sadly missed special boy Leo, who sadly passed away on 6th June 2013

Every day that goes by we all miss you even more, and knowing that you are not coming home.  It is just so hard to take in.  You were our best friend and the best dog anybody could have wished for.  Ever since that day when we first saw you, you were special then, and you will always be.


When we lost you that very sad day, a part of us went to.  Your daft special things, your kisses and cuddles, always washing your mams ears, just lying there letting your wee brother Kai lick your face and ears, usually making you soaking wet. Your love for our MacDonald’s and especially dad’s donuts and all the daft crazy things you used to do.  Your wee brother Kai misses you terribly as he's always looking around for you when we are out on your favourite walks. We hope wherever you are that you are safe and well and I know that's you up there (the brightest star) watching over us.

Good bye for now Leo boy, you will never be forgotten, just can’t stop thinking about you.  Until we meet again, take care our special boy.

We all want to thank you for choosing us as your family.

Forever and always in our thoughts, lots of love forever

Dad, Mum & wee brother Kai.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Rhoda,
We would just like to thank you again for the kind support, dignity & kind understanding you showed us, and especially Leo on the day we all met. To find someone so caring and understanding when we lost our special boy was some relief, as we didn't want him being left alone with just anybody.  You took the time to show us your system of how everything went, and for that, as hard as it was, we were all thankful


Hi Rhoda, this is the collage I made for sooty for your memory page. Thanks, Calum.



A precious wee soul. lost at birth but very much loved and never forgotten

Gone yet not forgotten

although we are apart

Your spirit lives within us

Forever in our heart


I don't think you know how much I and my partner Stephen appreciate what you done for us today. We feel more at peace with what happened to our kitten, Angel, now that he is still here with us in some small way. It has eased the pain greatly. There aren't enough words to express how truly grateful we are for what you done. You were kind, understanding, caring and compassionate. Just thank you, thank you and thank you again. Thank you x




Hi Rhoda
Here is our much loved boy sonny always in our hearts he will be sadly missed but know he is now free of pain, doing his favourite thing chasing the rabbits  me and Steph have all the good memories and will cherish them forever he will always be with us. gone but never forgotten, and yes you can post my comments once again thank you so much for all your help from the first phone call to receiving our beloved sonny you were truly an angel, as I said I would definitely 100 per cent recommend your services first class from start to finish
All our love Carol and Steph xx




His name is made up of his Christian name, the Buchanan stands for a very dear friend who died of cancer and she was a dog behaviourist Ruth Buchanan, she and I always spoke about when I would find my special dog and I am sure 13 years ago Ruth brought Blazy to me.   The Campbell stands for my maiden name as he was a Campbell like me before he became a Scott!!
He was Regal by name and Regal by nature, I wish you had known him Rhoda, everyone who met him saw how special he was, such energy and strength especially with him only having 3 legs.    Such a fighter and such a big hearted dog.   His favourite things to do were going to the beach and jumping in the water after his ball & toys, playing in the sand with the children, any child will do, he loved kids.    He loved playing with bubbles, he would chase them and burst them with his nose, which was a daily ritual in the garden after his night-time walk.   He loved balloons too we used to see how many seconds it would take him to burst them with his teeth!!!      He flew a Kite once on a hill in Scarborough, we tied it to his collar for a short time and he ran for a little while as the kite flew high!!
His favourite foods were Chicken, Cheese, Ham and Chocolate (Doggy drops).   Every year he would have his Christmas presents and birthday gifts from everyone.  He would rip open the paper on the parcels and spit out the paper bits until the present came into view, such a clever dog!!
I could write a book about him and his special ways, Blazy Boy Scott, the wonder dog!
Take care Rhoda and thank you again for your special love and support.  With great kindness

Janice, Alan, Sophie & Blazy xx



Hi Rhoda, Here is a picture of our handsome boy Tyler. He was a special little dog and you treated him with the dignity and respect that he deserved. We also appreciated your compassion and understanding of our feelings.


We miss him so much.  Regards,
Gary & Stephen
Look not where I was, for I am not there,
My spirit is free, I am everywhere.
In the air that you breathe, in the sounds that you hear
So don’t cry for me, my spirit is near.
Smile at my memory, remember in your heart,
This isn't the end, it's a brand new start.



Hi Rhoda

Thank you so much for your services. Rubes was loved very much and his death was so sudden and unexpected.
I thank you for the prompt reaction from yourself.
We all miss him very much especially his little cage mate Harry. It is very quiet now he has gone.
Rubes may be gone but he will never be forgotten.


"Jake was our wonderful big teddy bear, such a handsome and affectionate dog, full of fun and mischief.  We miss him so much but he will be in our hearts forever.  He was loved greatly by the whole family and he loved us all too."
Thanks again Rhoda.

Audrey and Colin McLaren



Sophie - she was our beautiful girl and we will miss her terribly


Dear Rhoda, Una and I would like to thank you for the care and attention you gave to Sophie.

We were very impressed by your obvious commitment to the animals and were very happy with the level of service you gave.

We hope that you continue to grow your business as you clearly have an empathy with people at such a time when most people who did not have animals would not understand what it is like to lose a much loved part of their family.

We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends in the future

Stephen and Una Neale


molly hamster1molly hamster2

Our beautiful Molly
Gone but never, ever forgotten
Joanne and Kev x


Thai - June 2006 to 3rd November 2013


From the day we were lucky enough to find you and bring you home, you have been the most loyal, caring, and special little boy.

Initially you were so nervous and in such a bad way, I wondered if we could bring you round at all. You hadn't been looked after very well, and you seemed so sad.

Within 26 hours the transformation in you was amazing. You were playing with a ball, and running around with your tail held high. I will never forget the joy we all felt seeing this for the first time.

Unbeknown to us, you had a heart murmur, and after only 18 months of having you in our lives we were given the heart breaking news this had developed to an enlarged heart and that nothing could be done apart from keeping you comfortable on meds. They told us we would only have you for 9-12 months more. The tears we shed that day were as if we had lost you.

We were lucky though, you made it to 15 months, and every single day with you was a blessing. Every member of our family loved you dearly. Granny, Granddad, mum (Susan), dad (Brian), and Eilidh - your best friend in the world who you idolised and followed everywhere. Not forgetting your little brother Gizmo, who is a lost soul now you are gone.

The day you passed was the worst day of our lives. And leaving you with the vet alone, without us, felt so wrong. I couldn't settle knowing we wouldn't have you back for almost a week, and I couldn't bear to think of you with strangers.

This was when I found Rhoda, the woman who I can't thank enough for helping me come to terms with your passing. She is the most wonderful, caring and respectful lady who treated you with dignity & love. She allowed me to bring you home again so that you can be with us all once more. Without her, I would be wondering still, where you are, and who is looking after you in our absence.

So today (4/11/13) I took you back to Dunbar where we spent our summer at the beach, and Rhoda looked after you. She gave you back to us. We will always love you Thai, and you will forever be in our hearts & thoughts.

RIP little man.

Love Mum, Dad, Eilidh & Gizmo.xxx


Max 2max1

Beloved Max - Loved member of the family

Loyal Friend & Companion

Born 16th March 2001
Died 6th November 2013

“We will forever walk in our dreams”

Jackie & Roy (Mum and Dad to the boy)

Max 3






Ma baby girl everywhere in the house I look, I see you, hear you, feel you.  I hope I did best for you, and you had a blast while with us.  We will miss you saying hello darling when we'd walk in the door or waking up in the morning and drinking our coffee/tea and even nicking ma breakfast when a wasn't looking.  I’ll no be finding coins or chewed tennis balls under the couch or in the couch.  We’ll miss the cheeky little bird that we had (yes even the tantrums) If you decide to come back, you are more than welcome to, just let me know it's you.
Bye bye ma clever girl we’ll miss you forever my heart has a hole as big as the sky now you’ve gone.  You were one in a million we’ll never find again xx

Thank you so much for all your help and putting my mind at rest from start to finish I wish you could have met her in a different way you would of loved her.




My little baby Princess Butters. So kind and so pretty<3 We will never forget her. She will always be in our hearts! Such a small precious life. I hope she has found happiness living with us and that she knew how much she was loved. Rest in peace darling. Lots of love Mummy and Daddy (Harriet and Adam)

Shadow Bear


No words I write can ever say
How much we miss you every day

We think of you in silence
We often speak your name
But all we have are memories
And photos in a frame

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn’t go alone
For part of us went with you
The day god took you home

Shadow, our sweet little boy we miss you soo soo much <3 You were taken from us so sudden and so young  We miss your snuggles and nuzzles, your sweet little voice, you drinking water from the kitchen tap, licking bags and all the cute little things you did to make us smile every day. Your fluffy white paws and smoke grey fur, your gorgeous eyes so sweet and gentle and kind. It just hurts so much that you aren’t here with us. Brandy and Misty miss you so much too. We will NEVER forget you Shadow Bear <3

The love we have for you is in our hearts for keeps.

Love always xx Mummy and Daddy xx (Natasha Craig)

Rhoda, would just like to thank you for the service you provide. You are a wonderful lady and we are also very impressed by your obvious commitment to animals. X


My wee munchkin, missing your cute little face and your prickly cuddles. I wish you had been able to stay with me longer but I had a wonderful 3 years with you. I hope you are having fun now with all the other spikey angels.)

Missing you lots. Love Caroline xxx



Dearest Poppy. 

Despite being diagnosed with severe heart problems, they told us you would probably only have 6 months, you kept on going for 6 long years. Years filled with love & happiness. Though almost blind & deaf, you really enjoyed a good battle with your nemesis Charley & after you lost your sister you found a new lease of life when Vinnie & Bernie came to live with us, Chihuahuas together again, always happier in numbers.

For 6 years we cared for your every need, kept you warm when you felt the chill, fed you delicious things on a spoon when you didn't feel like eating, worked our day around you. 

Now you are gone. 

I knew the day would come, you were almost 16 & every day we expected you to leave us...........except the day that you actually did. I wasn't ready..... But I know you must have been.

You brought love & a sparkle into our lives & we will miss you. So small....yet larger than life. Rest easy with your sister Jessie now little one.

We love you.


Many thanks to Rhoda for her kind & caring service.

Erika and Graham Leid


Hi Rhoda,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice when Lucy passed away on 17th Jan. Thanks to you, I got to take my wee girl home the same day she passed and spent some last moments with her. Lucy was very much a mummy’s girl and hated being away from me for anytime, so I know she would be happy to be back home with me straight away. If I had not found you we would still be waiting on her ashes and would never have known if they were her or not. You were very prompt and fitted us in straight away and we appreciate that so much.
Joanna and Lukasz


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