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Book of Remembrance

rainbow bridgerainbow bridge2Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends, so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who have been ill and old are restored to health and vigour; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

In Memory of:

Wee Kimmie

Kimmie mem pageTo my wee Kimmie, gone but never forgotten.  A gentle soul and the best wee “cookieboo” that anyone could have wished for.  Thinking of her always x

Passed away 28th October 2010 at the grand old age of 20.

I thought of you with love today,
but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday,
and days before that too.

kimmie mem page2I think of you in silence,
I often speak your name.
All I have are memories
And a picture in a frame.

Your memory is a keepsake,
with which I’ll never part.
Kimmie and friends
God has you in his keeping,
I have you in my heart.

You will live on in my heart
my little friend so true,
and memories of you will fill my mind
until I go to you.


To my beautiful wee Mollie Doll.
You joined our family in 1998, abandoned in the rescue centre and desperate to know what a loving home felt like. For the first few nights, you would gather the kids toys and take them into the bathroom and then cuddle them in beside you in the bathroom sink. I think that this may well have been the previous life you lived. After a while, and with a bit of coaxing, you realised that you were no longer a “bathroom” cat, and were part of a family. You had Shellie belle for cat company and wee Kimmie for dog company – although, Kimmie was your preference, and even after living for 19 years with Shellie, you never did become friends! You were an old girl and I knew that the time was right to let you go and be with Kimmie again. We will all be together again one day and until then, you are forever in our hearts


Shellie Belle

To my beautiful wee Shellie Belle (05.05.1996 – 26.04.17)

Having tragically lost our lovely girl Annie, we needed to fill this enormous hole left in our hearts. We went to the rescue centre, and there you were – the absolute image of Annie! I felt sure we had our beloved cat back with us. Oh how wrong I was, you could not have been any more different from her – in fact, complete opposite. You were only 6 weeks old, and had been born at the blue circle cement works and were completely feral. From day one, to your 22nd year, you remained just that. Everything on your terms. Most of all, nobody was ever allowed to pick you up. But…. you were always happy to be groomed and would push the rest of the clan out of the way to ensure you were groomed first – and the longest. You were your own person and no one was ever going to change that. In your younger days, you were a great hunter, and a great protector of your territory – causing us many trips to vet after fighting with the neighbourhood cats who dared to come anywhere near your garden.

The years passed and you muddled along with Kimmie and Molly, and always retained the “top dog” position. When Kimmie left for Rainbow Bridge, you were joined by Ollie and Alfie, the dreaded pugs! You were getting on in years, but you quickly showed the boys who was boss and stood for none of their nonsense. You tolerated Molly, but given you had now been together for 19 years – you were still having nothing to do with her, and would continue to swipe at her when she tried to sneak past you! Sadly Molly left for Rainbow Bridge in her 20th year, in 2015 – you didn’t miss her though, you took up her position on my knee at night. It had only taken you 20 years to do this and I bet you wished you had tried it earlier on in life as there you remained each night, for the rest of your days.

Sadly, your decline came rapid in the last week of your life. I knew that this day would come, I was not ready to let you go. But I had to be brave for you and let you go with the dignity that you deserved.

You are with my dad, Kimmie and Molly now, and they will look after you until the day we meet again. Until then, you will forever be in my thoughts and heart xx

shellie belle 3shellie belle 1
shellie belle 5

shellie belle 4shellie belle 7shellie belle 6

Nell, Maddie, Todd and Jean

Nell, Maddie, Todd and Jean

Nell, Maddie, Todd and Jean

My sisters dogs – Nell, Maddie, Todd (all sadly passed away in 2011) and Jean,

Enjoying a day out at Thorntonloch.

Always in our thoughts xx

In memory of Buster Sutherland

If it should be that I grow weak,
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done,
For this last battle cannot be won.
You will be sad, I understand,
Don’t let your grief then stay your hand,
For this day more than all the rest,
Your love for me must stand the test.

We’ve had so many happy years,
What is to come can hold no fears,
You’d not want me to suffer so,
The time has come, so let me go.
Take me where my need they’ll tend,
And please stay with me until the end,
Hold me firm and speak to me,
Until my eyes no longer see.

I know that in time you will see,
The kindness that you did for me,
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I’ve been saved.
Do not grieve, it must be you,
Who had this painful thing to do,
We’ve been so close, We two, these years,
Don’t let your heart hold back its tears.


Rhoda thanks very much for the professional, caring manner in the way you handled our special boy.
It was a particularly distressing time as we had re-homed Buster in early May and expected to have him in our lives for a number of years but that was not to be so. He became ill on Thurs 12th Aug and on 23rd Aug we had to make the decision to euthanise him as we didn’t want him to suffer. We had grown so close to him in such a short time and he was so very loved by us. He is now home with us again where he belongs and in time we shall scatter his ashes along one of his favourite walks.

Donna Sutherland


Carla – Dads Bairn

Carla 2Hello Rhoda. Thank you very much for all you have done for us. It gave me great comfort to know that Carla was treated in death as she was in life, with dignity, respect and love. 7 years and nine months ago a little 6 week old puppy came out from underneath a couch where I was sitting and started to chew my shoelaces, little did I know that I had just been chosen by this wee pup. Kisses and cuddles every day, being with me every day apart from the odd hour or so when I went to church or to a slimming class, we were always side by side. Happy years passed then the vets told me that Carla had kidney failure and there was no hope. I always promised her that she would not be in pain or end up in a skip. The vets came to my home, I kissed Carla, told her that she was ma wee bairn and that I loved her….I felt the life drain from her as I held her in my arms. CarlaI had her buried in garden but I couldn’t settle with this. I contacted you and thank god you had this service there. You knew what I was going through……I had Carla lifted from her grave and brought to you. After six days in the ground Carla was just as she had been buried, she was cleaned and it looked as though she was just sleeping. The professional took over. I knew she was in good hands. Your compassion and honesty do you credit and I would have no hesitation in advising people who are in a similar situation to come to you. You brought my Carla back to me…a beautiful casket with a little poem as well which summed Carla up….on the top a brass plaque simply says…Carla…Dads Bairn.  Thank you very much Rhoda…Big Jim

Carla was my life and I will miss her forever and a day x


Hi Rhoda. We are very grateful and thankful for the care you took in giving our piggy Pringle a respectful and dignified send off. He was taken so suddenly and so young. He is now back home in his lovely little urn, watching over all our other piggies.

Pringle 2Pringle 1

We all miss him greatly. xox

Thank you so much for your service.

Jenni and Charlie


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving my little cat Bubbles a respectful send off.  It’s so obvious that you care a great deal for animals so I knew he was in good hands.  One in a million Rhoda 🙂 Missing him lots XxX

Sarah Fisher


Hi Rhoda

DeeboHere is a picture of Deebo at his best.

We originally took him in as an emergency foster dog in about October 2011 to assess him. He had been a dog who had been abused and beaten on a regular basis which was obvious by his reaction to the hand! But as time went on we fell in love with him and his daft ways. Despite his past he was a loving and cuddly boy with a very naughty side to him! Always wanting to play and winding the other dogs up! After all he was only a young dog probably about 3 when he died. In the end we couldn’t bear to part with him as we felt he would need to go to a very special home where somebody would be firm with him without hitting him and we felt that that place was with us, despite the fact that we already had 8 other dogs, besides which he had found a play buddy in our other rescue English Bull Terrier, Tyson. Anyway he loved running about the garden with the 3 other boys chasing each other up and down and round and round. He was a happy boy. We also later discovered that he was also partially blind but his ears and nose worked just fine!!

It’s strange now him not being here, the kennels are quiet, my lead is empty as he was the one I walked at night. He wasn’t here for long but he left a big impression on our hearts.

I would just like to thank you again for everything you did. You could not have been more helpful or understanding and the service you offer is second to none, and made me feel comforted.  I would highly recommend you.

Stella – (Sunsanna Liona)

stella 2stella1


Stella 3

Stella 5Stella 4Stella6


MayaHi Rhoda,

I was extremely happy with everything you did for us and Maya. It has made a huge difference to my daughter who got Maya for a birthday present 13 years ago when she was just 8 years old. My daughter was concerned that she would never know what happened to Maya after she died and this has given her a lot of comfort.

She intends to spread Maya’s ashes into the sea down at Cramond on Maya’s birthday, February 22.

Thank you again for everything.



PerkyDear Rhoda,I must thank you for what you did for both myself and Perky.

Your attitude to my sad time really helped me to deal with losing my wee pal of 19 years.

Showing and explaining what would take place laid my mind at rest that the remains I would receive would be those of Perky.

To anyone looking for this kind of service, I can only say I recommend this lady and her business very highly.

Once again – Many Thanks

S. Graham.


In loving memory of Jack

In loving memory of JackJack was rescued by the RGT as a cruelty case, he was with them for 16 months and he had given up hope as no one ever picked him. I went to see Sonia (RGT kennels) looking for a dog I had seen. She told me about Jack so I went to see him. He came out of his kennel and showed little interest. I took him for a walk and went to look at the other dog.

Sonia saw Jack peeking through the gate so I went back, he attached himself to me so he picked me. I took him home that very night, with the other dog (Millie) who coincidentally had lived next door to Jack in kennels. From then on Jack was my dog, he eventually grew his coat back and Millie taught him to play. He copied her and learnt to trust people again.

Sadly we learnt Jack had degenerative disc decease in his spine and it was inoperable, probably caused by his ill treatment in a cage too small for him. However Jack had decided he now loved life and continued to be strong and enjoyed 4 more years of fun, on his favourite walks and at the beach which he loved.

He was my friend and my rock for 7 years, always at my side wherever we were. Always knowing when I needed a Special friend and a hug.

I will always love him and Millie and I will be near him on our walks forever, his ashes are on his favourite hill where we walk each day.

I am so grateful to Rhoda and her family who were so amazing. The service that they offer is exceptional. Understanding how difficult it is, being patient and supportive of your needs and showing respect to the animals.

They are willing to show their work place to reassure that the service is for individual pets, this helped me choose this service as it was a concern to me. All communication was supportive and reassuring.

I cannot recommend them enough and I hope their new service grows and is recognised by pet owners as a comforting option to consider at a difficult time.

Good Luck Rhoda and family.


Nibbler and his son (wee man)

The beautiful Nibbler and his son – known fondly as the “wee man” or “son of Nibbler”

Both now gone, but forever in our thoughts x

Nibbler and wee man

Nibbler and wee man




Alaska, my dear boy, we first saw you at only 4 days old & we visited you both every week until you could come home to us, we were supposed to take your brother Louis but you & I connected. You squeaked & squealed with all your might until I cradled you in my arms again – from that day I knew you were meant for me, so we took you both home to love & cherish. You have enriched our life & filled it with unfailing love & loyalty. You grew old before your time & I cared for you as you cared for me. When you left you took a piece of my heart with you & left a huge hole in our lives.

We miss you deeply & look to where you should be only to find you gone, but you will live on in our hearts with warm memories. We love you our sweet gentle boy. xxx

AlaskaOur thanks to Rhoda for her kind words, for taking such good care of our beloved boy & ensuring that we were separated for only a short while. Thank you for a compassionate & capable service.

Kindest regards

Erika & Graham Leid


Bob you were only with us for a wee while, but when we think of you, we can only smile! x

(Colin and Louise)




In Loving memory of our beautiful boy Bobby

In Loving memory of our beautiful boy BobbyHi Rhoda,

We just wanted to say thank you so much for every minute you spent with us and our boy yesterday.

Throughout the tears, sadness and the utter desperation of the fact we have lost our boy, you were a silver lining in the clouds. We are devastated our Bobby is no longer here, but in the next breath we are so happy and grateful that we found your company in time for his cremation. You treated his body with the dignity and respect that he deserved and we will never be able to thank you enough. Although he has moved onto a better place and we are still grieving for him, we are relieved that his body was cremated by you – you had zero qualms about showing us the entire process and explaining in great detail about what will happen…. although it’s not something many will want to hear, let alone think about – sadly the case is, most pet owners will outlive their pet and when the time comes – for anyone – I would not be able to recommend you enough.

We could tell that you set up your business purely for your love of animals and you only had to listen to you for five minutes to understand your love of animals – whether they are your past or present pets, or a pet you have met on the streets. You are an amazing woman and should be extremely proud of what you are doing. Bobby is the first pet that we have lost and I can’t tell you how much you made the whole situation easier for us.

Our casket with Bobby’s ashes now sits safely in our home and we can’t tell you the relief we feel knowing that they are his and ONLY his remains there. It has made the whole grief and loss stage a bit easier to cope with.

There should be more people like you in the world.

Take Care Rhoda, we both wish you and your family well for the future.

Chris & Allison.

“Look not where I was
For I am not there
My spirit is free
I am everywhere

In the air that you breathe
In the sounds that you hear
Don’t cry for me Mom
My spirit is near

I’ll watch for you
From the other side
I’ll be the one running
New friends by my side

Smile at my memory
Remember in your heart
This isn’t the end
It’s a brand new start”

Sweet dreams, Bobby and Smokey. Miss you both more than words could express. x



‘The best Rescue’.

In loving memory of our beautiful little Smokey who we had the privilege of having in our lives for seven months. For being abused and neglected and then dumped when he no longer fitted the perfect mould, our Smokey was the most laid-back, loving and adorable little dog ever. He suffered from a multitude of health issues, but they never got him down!

He made us smile every single day… Couldn’t have loved his wee face more if we tried.

Go run with our Bobby, painfree and happy now, until we meet again. We will love you forever.

Allison, Christopher, Ciaran, Alex, Holly and Daisy. xXx

“Look not where I was
For I am not there
My spirit is free
I am everywhere

In the air that you breathe
In the sounds that you hear
Don’t cry for me Mom
My spirit is near

I’ll watch for you
From the other side
I’ll be the one running
New friends by my side

Smile at my memory
Remember in your heart
This isn’t the end
It’s a brand new start”

Sweet dreams, Smokey and Bobby. Miss you both more than words could express. x

smokey5 (2)smokey2 (2)smokey1 (2)
Once again would like to thank you for helping us through the passing of Smokey. Things would have been a lot harder if we hadn’t found you last year and we are so happy that Smokey was treated just like Bobby was – with dignity and respect.


Minnie Minstrel

We adopted Minnie soon after our smokey passed in 2014. Initially we chose a similar aged boy in the kennels, but the staff there seemed to think we were more suited to Minnie! They weren’t wrong! She settled in the minute she stepped her wee paws over our door! She was 13 when we brought her home, but she never showed her age in the early days! For a wee elderly terrier she could walk for miles, she loved nothing more than trotting around the garden for hours on end investigating and saying hello to anyone who walked past. She also loved to chase any cats who came into “her” garden. She would never have hurt them, though. She started to become unwell a couple of years ago, the vet said it was canine dementia. She really started to go downhill at the beginning of this year and her weight plummeted. We persisted though, the amount of different meals I cooked for her willing her to eat! Her appetite picked up and she was doing okay for a while, but then the nights became endless and she was a poor lost soul. We knew it was time to let her go, she did so well though. For having one owner her entire life until she became “too old” then coming to us when she should have been settled for the rest of her life, she embraced the change, she was a friendly wee dog who would have been any fellow canines pal! She loved our wee daisy, even right up to the end… her eyesight was pretty much non-existent but put daisy beside her and she would spring to life sniffing and chasing her as quickly as she could!

She was a huge part of the family for 4.5 years and will miss and love her forever! Goodnight my wee Minnie minstrel, run free forever more! ❤️

Thanks so much again Rhoda, honestly don’t know where we would have been without you since 2014 when we lost our first furbaby! It definitely doesn’t get any easier each time it’s time to say goodbye but you have played a crucial role in easing the grieving process with the service you offer every time we have said goodbye!


Oscar 1Oscar 4Oscar 3

Just to let you know even although your not here you are never forgotten and thought about each day, missed greatly.
Lots of Love
Joyce & Charlotte – Christmas 2014



Shelley McWilliam – 1996 to 06 June 2013

My mum went into a pet shop in Glasgow for fish food.  She came out of the pet shop with a kitten, Shelley!


In Loving Memory of our sadly missed special boy Leo, who sadly passed away on 6th June 2013

Every day that goes by we all miss you even more, and knowing that you are not coming home.  It is just so hard to take in.  You were our best friend and the best dog anybody could have wished for.  Ever since that day when we first saw you, you were special then, and you will always be.


When we lost you that very sad day, a part of us went to.  Your daft special things, your kisses and cuddles, always washing your mams ears, just lying there letting your wee brother Kai lick your face and ears, usually making you soaking wet. Your love for our MacDonald’s and especially dad’s donuts and all the daft crazy things you used to do.  Your wee brother Kai misses you terribly as he’s always looking around for you when we are out on your favourite walks. We hope wherever you are that you are safe and well and I know that’s you up there (the brightest star) watching over us.

Good bye for now Leo boy, you will never be forgotten, just can’t stop thinking about you.  Until we meet again, take care our special boy.

We all want to thank you for choosing us as your family.

Forever and always in our thoughts, lots of love forever

Dad, Mum & wee brother Kai.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Rhoda,
We would just like to thank you again for the kind support, dignity & kind understanding you showed us, and especially Leo on the day we all met. To find someone so caring and understanding when we lost our special boy was some relief, as we didn’t want him being left alone with just anybody.  You took the time to show us your system of how everything went, and for that, as hard as it was, we were all thankful


Hi Rhoda, this is the collage I made for sooty for your memory page. Thanks, Calum.



A precious wee soul. lost at birth but very much loved and never forgotten

Gone yet not forgotten

although we are apart

Your spirit lives within us

Forever in our heart

I don’t think you know how much I and my partner Stephen appreciate what you done for us today. We feel more at peace with what happened to our kitten, Angel, now that he is still here with us in some small way. It has eased the pain greatly. There aren’t enough words to express how truly grateful we are for what you done. You were kind, understanding, caring and compassionate. Just thank you, thank you and thank you again. Thank you x




Hi Rhoda

Here is our much loved boy sonny always in our hearts he will be sadly missed but know he is now free of pain, doing his favourite thing chasing the rabbits  me and Steph have all the good memories and will cherish them forever he will always be with us. gone but never forgotten, and yes you can post my comments once again thank you so much for all your help from the first phone call to receiving our beloved sonny you were truly an angel, as I said I would definitely 100 per cent recommend your services first class from start to finish
All our love Carol and Steph xx


Hi Rhoda

Please find the pictures of our beloved Skye, who was taken from us suddenly on Wednesday 13th of January. Once again when I contacted you to see if you could pick her up from the vets, you told me that you couldn’t do it as you were having car problems, but then you said to me look I will arrange something for you, and I was grateful for that, as 2yrs previous you had dealt with our beloved Sonny, and you were a star from start to finish. You are such a lovely warm, caring person, with a tremendous love of animals, and you really looked after our much loved Skye, who is actually Sonny’s mother. I really appreciate you being there for my pets, and for us also. Skye is now free from all her pain, and is now running wild with her boy Sonny. We are so heartbroken at Skye’s passing, but know that she is with her boy, and they are looking after each other. And we are just so glad that Skye was in your caring hands, and you done her proud. You truly are an angel, and I’m so glad that we know that both our pets were well looked after in life by us, and in death by you. I would not trust anyone else to deal with our pets, as there is just no one like you, who knows exactly how we are feeling at the loss of our beloved Skye.
R.I.P baby girl, gone but never forgotten, forever in our hearts. Love you and Sonny to the stars and back.thanks again.
from Carol and Steph. xxx

Hi Carol and Steph, I have put Skye’s photo’s up beside her son, Sonny. Long may they roam together x


Hi Rhoda here is our much beloved boy Echo, who sadly on the 13th August we had to let him go,this was our worst day ever and so heartbreaking,but we know that now he is free from all his pain and is at peace,beside his mother Skye,and brother Sonny,and best friend Felix. Echo was sixteen years old and a great companion throughout his life,we had many a great time with Echo,along with his brother and his mum. They were amazing dogs and we had many a laugh through the years,and they were great friends to me and Steph. Such loyal true companions through the years.We know that his mother and brother and good friend will be waiting for him over the rainbow bridge to welcome him back to his doggie family.Echo is now at peace and being looked after by his mother,brother,and Felix the cat,they will be chasing the rabbits,and one another like they always did.
Once again Rhoda you were a true angel,and looked after echo so well,and treated him with the utmost respect,you are so caring and compassionate and your dedication to animals is amazing,you were also very supportive to me and my daughter Steph and really looked after us well,we know that Echo would be happy knowing that in life me and Steph looked after him,and in death you looked after him and treated him with dignity and respect.You really are one in a million and we would not trust anyone else with our pets,as you are the best at what you do,and your support to me and my daughter was greatly appreciated.Once again Rhoda thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts,a true angel throughout.R.I.P Echo we miss you so bad and it hurts so much it feels like our hearts are breaking.Roam free our beloved boy echo G.B.N.F always in our hearts and never a thought away,love you to the stars and back. carol,Steph & Danny xxx


Hi Rhoda
Once again we just like to thank you so much for helping us through a difficult time with Felix, as always you were amazing throughout everything and your compassion is first class. You truly are an angle. Our Felix is now with his 2 best friends Skye and Sonny and I know he will be causing havoc with the 2 of them, but they all loved one another and we know that in life he was well looked after and loved and it is the same now as he has his other 2 angels taking care of him and looking after him. Felix was one in a million and he gave us some really fun times and we will always love him. Gone but never forgotten, always in out hearts and forever in our memories.
Once again Rhoda, just thank you so very much, you really are one in a million.
Love Carol and Steph. xxx

felix (3)felix 1 (2)felix 2 (2)



His name is made up of his Christian name, the Buchanan stands for a very dear friend who died of cancer and she was a dog behaviourist Ruth Buchanan, she and I always spoke about when I would find my special dog and I am sure 13 years ago Ruth brought Blazy to me.   The Campbell stands for my maiden name as he was a Campbell like me before he became a Scott!!
He was Regal by name and Regal by nature, I wish you had known him Rhoda, everyone who met him saw how special he was, such energy and strength especially with him only having 3 legs.    Such a fighter and such a big hearted dog.   His favourite things to do were going to the beach and jumping in the water after his ball & toys, playing in the sand with the children, any child will do, he loved kids.    He loved playing with bubbles, he would chase them and burst them with his nose, which was a daily ritual in the garden after his night-time walk.   He loved balloons too we used to see how many seconds it would take him to burst them with his teeth!!!      He flew a Kite once on a hill in Scarborough, we tied it to his collar for a short time and he ran for a little while as the kite flew high!!
His favourite foods were Chicken, Cheese, Ham and Chocolate (Doggy drops).   Every year he would have his Christmas presents and birthday gifts from everyone.  He would rip open the paper on the parcels and spit out the paper bits until the present came into view, such a clever dog!!
I could write a book about him and his special ways, Blazy Boy Scott, the wonder dog!
Take care Rhoda and thank you again for your special love and support.  With great kindness

Janice, Alan, Sophie & Blazy xx



Hi Rhoda, Here is a picture of our handsome boy Tyler. He was a special little dog and you treated him with the dignity and respect that he deserved. We also appreciated your compassion and understanding of our feelings.


We miss him so much.  Regards,
Gary & Stephen
Look not where I was, for I am not there,
My spirit is free, I am everywhere.
In the air that you breathe, in the sounds that you hear
So don’t cry for me, my spirit is near.
Smile at my memory, remember in your heart,
This isn’t the end, it’s a brand new start.


rubesHi Rhoda

Thank you so much for your services. Rubes was loved very much and his death was so sudden and unexpected.
I thank you for the prompt reaction from yourself.
We all miss him very much especially his little cage mate Harry. It is very quiet now he has gone.
Rubes may be gone but he will never be forgotten.


“Jake was our wonderful big teddy bear, such a handsome and affectionate dog, full of fun and mischief.  We miss him so much but he will be in our hearts forever.  He was loved greatly by the whole family and he loved us all too.”
Thanks again Rhoda.

Audrey and Colin McLaren



Sophie – she was our beautiful girl and we will miss her terribly

Dear Rhoda, Una and I would like to thank you for the care and attention you gave to Sophie.

We were very impressed by your obvious commitment to the animals and were very happy with the level of service you gave.

We hope that you continue to grow your business as you clearly have an empathy with people at such a time when most people who did not have animals would not understand what it is like to lose a much loved part of their family.

We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends in the future

Stephen and Una Neale


molly hamster1molly hamster2

Our beautiful Molly

Gone but never, ever forgotten

Joanne and Kev x


Thai – June 2006 to 3rd November 2013

From the day we were lucky enough to find you and bring you home, you have been the most loyal, caring, and special little boy.

Initially you were so nervous and in such a bad way, I wondered if we could bring you round at all. You hadn’t been looked after very well, and you seemed so sad.

Within 26 hours the transformation in you was amazing. You were playing with a ball, and running around with your tail held high. I will never forget the joy we all felt seeing this for the first time.

Unbeknown to us, you had a heart murmur, and after only 18 months of having you in our lives we were given the heart breaking news this had developed to an enlarged heart and that nothing could be done apart from keeping you comfortable on meds. They told us we would only have you for 9-12 months more. The tears we shed that day were as if we had lost you.

We were lucky though, you made it to 15 months, and every single day with you was a blessing. Every member of our family loved you dearly. Granny, Granddad, mum (Susan), dad (Brian), and Eilidh – your best friend in the world who you idolised and followed everywhere. Not forgetting your little brother Gizmo, who is a lost soul now you are gone.

The day you passed was the worst day of our lives. And leaving you with the vet alone, without us, felt so wrong. I couldn’t settle knowing we wouldn’t have you back for almost a week, and I couldn’t bear to think of you with strangers.

This was when I found Rhoda, the woman who I can’t thank enough for helping me come to terms with your passing. She is the most wonderful, caring and respectful lady who treated you with dignity & love. She allowed me to bring you home again so that you can be with us all once more. Without her, I would be wondering still, where you are, and who is looking after you in our absence.

So today (4/11/13) I took you back to Dunbar where we spent our summer at the beach, and Rhoda looked after you. She gave you back to us. We will always love you Thai, and you will forever be in our hearts & thoughts.

RIP little man.

Love Mum, Dad, Eilidh & Gizmo.xxx


Max 2max1

Beloved Max – Loved member of the family

Loyal Friend & Companion

Born 16th March 2001
Died 6th November 2013

“We will forever walk in our dreams”

Jackie & Roy (Mum and Dad to the boy)

Max 3


shaddow4shaddow3shadow1When it was your time to go I held your face with my left hand and clapped your head with my right. We had constant eye contact while I told you how much I love you and would miss you. We were so close, you were so special to me and all the family. Your son Frankie baby misses you he isn’t his usual energetic self, he knows something isn’t right, we are all upset and you aren’t here.

When jay said goodbye to you he was crying and you knew he was sad and you gave him kisses all over his face. You are still jay’s shadow wadow tales’

You took a part of my heart with you, I had you since you were 9 weeks old until you had to leave us when you were 10 years old. You never looked your age and you didn’t act your age, you were always a puppy at heart.

Your casket goes in the livingroom during the day and at night I take your casket to my bedroom, don’t want you to be alone.

I gave you all of my heart, but when you left you tore it apart, I gave you all the love that I had. I still want you by my side, just to help me dry the tears that I cry. I miss you sleeping under the covers with me every night, keeping me warm. You were always there to protect me, you always made me feel safe and secure, you will always be here with me in my heart.

I miss you so very much you are my shadow,

Another day without you, another day just passes by, the time we spend apart keeps our love strong, but it hurts so bad I can’t take it any longer.

I wanted to grow old with you, I want to be looking in your eyes, I want to be here with you sharing everything with you.

A thousand miles between us now, it causes me to wonder how my love for you remains so strong, it’s because you were so special, you will always be one in a million.

No other dog could take your place, I miss you following me everywhere that’s why you were my Shadow,

Love you ma Shadow and I always will love you XXX




Ma baby girl everywhere in the house I look, I see you, hear you, feel you.  I hope I did best for you, and you had a blast while with us.  We will miss you saying hello darling when we’d walk in the door or waking up in the morning and drinking our coffee/tea and even nicking ma breakfast when a wasn’t looking.  I’ll no be finding coins or chewed tennis balls under the couch or in the couch.  We’ll miss the cheeky little bird that we had (yes even the tantrums) If you decide to come back, you are more than welcome to, just let me know it’s you.
Bye bye ma clever girl we’ll miss you forever my heart has a hole as big as the sky now you’ve gone.  You were one in a million we’ll never find again xx

Thank you so much for all your help and putting my mind at rest from start to finish I wish you could have met her in a different way you would of loved her.




My little baby Princess Butters. So kind and so pretty<3
We will never forget her. She will always be in our hearts! Such a small precious life. I hope she has found happiness living with us and that she knew how much she was loved.
Rest in peace darling. Lots of love Mummy and Daddy (Harriet and Adam)

Shadow Bear

shaddowbearNo words I write can ever say
How much we miss you every day

We think of you in silence
We often speak your name
But all we have are memories
And photos in a frame

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn’t go alone
For part of us went with you
The day god took you home

Shadow, our sweet little boy we miss you soo soo much

The love we have for you is in our hearts for keeps.

Love always xx Mummy and Daddy xx (Natasha Craig)

Rhoda, would just like to thank you for the service you provide. You are a wonderful lady and we are also very impressed by your obvious commitment to animals. X


Our Beautiful Brandy Girl, 11 and a half and had so much more life ahead of her. Still looking so young and vibrant but what we didn’t know was our sweet girl was ill and hid it so well. Our baby girl had an aggressive mass on her heart and splean.

Everything happened so fast… Earlier on in the month you had been yourself and suddenly on the 15th March 2017 you became very ill very quickly.After everything you went through that day and after being taking to the vets who saved you, after your heart stopped and you where strong enough to come back to us we thought you where going to be okay. But in the end after some tests we had to make the hardest decision to let you go.

We cannot believe you had cancer and are soo sorry we didn’t know and couldn’t make you better.

Brandy you know how much you mean to us.

‘We love you more than all the leaves on all the trees’

We did and went through so much together. You where ALWAYS there for us through the countless other hard times life throws at you. ALWAYS by our side.

We will miss Everything about you. Your foxy face, your smiles,your snuggles Everything!

We don’t think we will ever get use to you not being by our side.You were such a BIG part of our family!

‘Once in a lifetime kind of dog’

We knew the day for losing you was getting closer as you where getting older but nothing prepares you for this excruciating pain and how fast it all happened that day.
Now you aren’t here to kiss and snuggle anymore.We really just can’t believe it.

Mummy and Daddy are just so thankful we got to be by your side right to the very end and got the time and chance to say goodbye.

Our hearts ache to see you again and would give anything to have you back with us.

Bella,Misty,Leo and Mitzy are all looking around the house for you wondering where you are.They are missing their big sister.

Life will never be the same again without you.

Sweet Dreams Brandy Bear you will Always be in our hearts and thoughts forever xx

Thank you Rhoda for your kind support and understanding.We are just so grateful to know our Shadow and now our Beautiful Brandy where both looked after by your caring hands to get back to us.

You are one in a million!

Natasha and Craig

Collage 2017 Brandy


My wee munchkin, missing your cute little face and your prickly cuddles. I wish you had been able to stay with me longer but I had a wonderful 3 years with you. I hope you are having fun now with all the other spikey angels.)

Missing you lots. Love Caroline xxx



Dearest Poppy. 

Despite being diagnosed with severe heart problems, they told us you would probably only have 6 months, you kept on going for 6 long years. Years filled with love & happiness. Though almost blind & deaf, you really enjoyed a good battle with your nemesis Charley & after you lost your sister you found a new lease of life when Vinnie & Bernie came to live with us, Chihuahuas together again, always happier in numbers.

For 6 years we cared for your every need, kept you warm when you felt the chill, fed you delicious things on a spoon when you didn’t feel like eating, worked our day around you. 

Now you are gone. 

I knew the day would come, you were almost 16 & every day we expected you to leave us………..except the day that you actually did. I wasn’t ready….. But I know you must have been.

You brought love & a sparkle into our lives & we will miss you. So small….yet larger than life. Rest easy with your sister Jessie now little one.
We love you.

PoppyMany thanks to Rhoda for her kind & caring service.

Erika and Graham Leid


Hi Rhoda,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice when Lucy passed away on 17th Jan. Thanks to you, I got to take my wee girl home the same day she passed and spent some last moments with her. Lucy was very much a mummy’s girl and hated being away from me for anytime, so I know she would be happy to be back home with me straight away. If I had not found you we would still be waiting on her ashes and would never have known if they were her or not. You were very prompt and fitted us in straight away and we appreciate that so much.
Joanna and Lukasz


Molly, Penny and Mac

Hi Rhoda,

Sadly, our wee Molly took ill suddenly and it was a terrible shock to all the family when we had to have her put to sleep. We just couldn’t leave her at the vet and so brought her home, not knowing what to do next!

Thankfully we found you and we can’t thank you enough for your understanding and kindness at the saddest of times. You gave us time to be with Molly to say our goodbyes; you were interested in her life and what she meant to us; and you explained what was going to happen in a way that gave us confidence that this was the right decision for us. Within a few hours we had Molly home again, which was a great comfort to all of us.

Sadly joined by Penny and Mac. All together once again at Rainbow Bridge

They were all very much loved family members and we miss them all loads <3

RIP wee Molly, Penny and Mac 2014 to May 2019

Thank you again Rhoda


Colin & Joanne



Hi Rhoda,Pong

I have attached a photo of Pong my wee degu.

She will be greatly missed by myself and her other little degu friends. Thank you so much for your help.

Emma Parker


Thanks for your help today Rhoda, you provide an excellent and thoughtful service. Thought I would share a couple of pictures of my favourite wee man Werner for the condolence book. He was always the happiest and friendliest little thing and my life will never be the same without him. Rest in peace little man. Werner 2010 – 2014

DSCF2430 (1024x768) (2)werner (2)


Firstly I would like to thank you again for your expertise in helping with the sudden passing of Ben.

Its always a hard decision what to do with your family pet especially as during their lives they become a family member and a companion. I knew from our first phone call conversation that you are an animal lover which ensured me that when that day came along that Ben would be in good hands.

Ben joined our family in March 1996. My Mother worked in a local pub and heard of a Labrador x Collie looking to be re-homed. I remember the first time I seen him he was 9 months old at the time a young, excitable but timid boy. He was my pride and joy I began to take him everywhere with me and soon trained him to be very intelligent and obedient. Most of his life, he needed no lead, he would be by my side like a shadow, performed tricks with ease (depending on his mood).
Me and Ben had been through a lot though out his life, My mother passed away when I was 16 along with other very close family members / friends and I just don’t know how I could have coped without Ben. When I look back he seemed to just know when I was down and would come over to comfort me.
He was a very well known boy as I took him with me to a bar where I worked everyday. If he wasn’t lying by the coal fire he would welcome every person that come in the door and sometimes performing balance the bottle trick on his head to amuse them. He always loved being out even in the car I took him many places he even come on holiday with me and my partner, I had to make sure the hotel we were staying at would accommodate dogs.
Nearing the end we first had a scare when Ben had an episode of drooling and not being able to walk as he was 16 the vet wasted no time in saying that it was time. But I was unsure and unprepared to put Ben to sleep at the time and took him home for 24hrs to see how he would be. I slept with Ben in the living room that night only to wake up during the night to shockingly find him fit as a fiddle walking about. I remember thinking “Aye ma boy, your a wee fighter, I knew you wouldn’t give in.” He lived over another year battling on day to day some good some bad, but I knew in my heart the end was nearing. The day my partner called me when Ben had taken a seizure I had to make the tough decision that his condition was only going to get worse, I still regret making the decision to this day but I could tell as looked into his eyes kissed and cuddled him as he went to sleep that he had enough.

Finally I had wrote a poem last year shortly after Ben’s passing.

One true friend you were to me,
In my heart you will always be.
In our town you were known by all,
By my side at every call.
Through all the times bad and good,
It was almost like you understood.
Now in my life lies and empty space,
My best friend I cant replace.
We lost our Mum and many a friend,
Was like the world had come to end.
But we stood strong and pulled right through,
Just like we always do.
Now you’ve joined them up above,
I have great memories and send my love.
I know we’ll meet one special day,
Until then,
Rest in peace my wee pal Ben

Many thanks once again Rhoda, for your expertise in helping with the sudden passing of Ben.


Raymond Simpson.

Picture 076 (2)HPIM0553 - Copy (2)IMG_1624 (2)



My dog Robbie was cremated today and I would just like to thank you for all you did it was a real comfort to us to know he was in good hands.

Here is a photo of Robbie with the grandbairns he loved them like his own. robbie

Many thanks


Maddie – In memory of Maddie who passed away 12 April 2014

Dear Rhoda

We would like to thank you for the kind support, understanding you showed us and for caring for Maddie on her final journey. Even though it was really hard to leave her we knew that you would look after her.
Maddie was nearly 10 years old when she was taken from us so suddenly, she was the most gentle and loving dog we have had the joy of having in our family. Maddie loved to spend all her time with her best friend Tyler, Maddie used to be a shy dog until Tyler came in to her life and he showed her how to trust people.
Maddie there are no words to express the loss we have on losing you, you were loved so much and will be missed greatly.Maddie

Take care my beautiful baby

Love and miss you always

Your mummy ( Diane ) Mick, Nicolle, Gary, Lauren, Bronwyn and your best friend Tyler xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Sandie we miss you so much, you were the most beautiful Golden Retriever there ever was. Such a great nature, so well behaved, an angel on earth and now an angel in heaven!

You showed us what love is all about, we will love you till the end of time!we love sandie (2)

Lots of pats & hugs

Mum, Dad, sisters Emma & Laura


Thank you Rhoda for your kindness and respect shown to our beloved golden girl Sandie on her last day 11th April 2014.

Sadly put to sleep due to aggressive cancer age 8yrs.

You handled every aspect of her final end with the dignity she deserved!

We are so glad we used your services for this, we felt reassured by it all.



Hi Rhoda

Just to say thank you for looking after Bruce on 27/4/14

Bruce(16years) was a wonderful soul who is very much missed by us all.We will never,ever forget him and he has left us with many great memories especially his grumpiness which was simply endearing and a great source of humor on many occasions
Diane and Kerry

And to Bruce himself Hope you are walked and fed well over there and that you have a comfy bed x

Missing you x
Mum,Dad,Diane,Kerry,Glen and Alfie



Hi Rhoda
Thanks again for taking care of Alfie last Wednesday (24/9/14).Your kindness at such a time is much appreciated yet again

We miss Alfie something awful.He had a great personality and character and was most certainly the ‘boss’ even with his epilepsy. I used to say it was just his brain exploding as he always seemed to be on the go.He was just a wonderful,funny and loveable wee dog with a mind of his very own
Diane and Kerry

I hope you are getting a decent game of football and that you’re getting you’re 8 o’clock sweeties.Also I hope you get to your bed on time at 10pm on the dot or they may be trouble. I expect that you now have your job back of keeping Bruce (27/4/14) in line so you’ll be busy x

Missing you Pal x
Mum,Dad,Diane,Kerry,Glen and Rory




And a wee message for Glen
We had you for 18 years and you were a lovely wee dog who was once full of life but age caught up with you in the end and I think you missed your Mummy and needed to go back to her.You will probably meet up with your wee brothers Alfie and Bruce.Away you go now your Mummy’s waiting(with a packet of polos no doubt)

Best Wishes Glen
Diane,Kerry and wee wee brothers Rory & Max

Hi Rhoda
Again Thanks for taking care of our oldest Glen who is very much missed and we know that he was well taken care off when he passed on just as he was in his long life

Thanks again
Diane and Kerry



Fergie – Laird of Dumop

Thank you for the memories Fergie. You were always fun and always happy and that is how you will remain in our hearts forever! You can rest now wee man until we meet again.

Love from the whole Ferguson family X

Thanks for everything Rhoda.



Honey 2


My wee guinea pig Honey – best friend of Daisy – gone but never forgotten



Hello Rhoda

A big thank you for your kind reassurance and for the care and love you showed Ivor when we came down on Friday. It made the whole process of saying goodbye to him so much easier and we know he had a dignified end.

Ivor was an amazing dog, born into a rescue centre after his stray mother was found. We got him at 12 weeks and had him for 12 incredibly happy years. He was fit, fast and intelligent. New tricks were no problem to Ivor, even as he got older 🙂 as long as they involved treats, toys or tummy tickles. He was amazingly active, loved chasing a ball up and down the garden and truly believed that anyone coming to the house was there to see him. His agility and ambition got him into scrapes; he survived leaping over a sea wall and falling 15ft onto the concrete walkway below; having his groin ripped open when jumping a barbed wire fence; being run over and then disappearing for 5 hours, in shock. He was a wee character, loved by all who met him.

Sadly, this February he became unwell and the vet found a massive tumour on his tonsils. It was removed but the prognosis was not good; we were told he had weeks to live. However Ivor exceeded all expectations. He bounced back and for the best part of 3 months was the lively, happy dog we had known. In the 2 weeks before he died we saw him deteriorating, and we knew it would be unkind to prolong his pain. On Friday 30 May the vet came to the house and put Ivor to sleep. We then brought him on his final journey, down to East Lothian, into your care.

We miss him dreadfully, he brought so much fun to our family and was such a loyal wee companion.

Thank you again, we know he is resting peacefully.

Kirsty, Jason and Jack xxx

Hoobsy1 (2)5hotelgarden (2)ivor mellon udrigle beach (2)nobledog (2)


This is lui, he was not just an ordinary King Charles, he was a loving dog who was treated like a human (and ate like one too). He always got the best of everything, he had two of the most caring owners a dog could have, he was extremely lucky to have my granny and pop looking after him for 13 years. he had a good innings leaving lots of memories for all the family and will be thoroughly missed as a family member.
Erin x



Oaklin on holiday in the Hebrides. Thanks for all the kindess,consideration shown at this very difficult time.it was very much appreciated



Our dear boy Louis, we first saw you at only 4 days old with your brother Alaska & we visited you both every week until you could come home to us.
Louis you made us laugh with your funny little ways, you melted our hearts with the way that you played so gently with our little dogs, letting them jump on you & never an angry growl. I loved the way you rarely strayed far from my side on a walk, always turning around to check on me if you walked ahead.
We were so sorry that you became ill & we couldn’t make you well again, we could only help you to join your brother Alaska. You left quietly, your handsome head cradled in my arms for the last time. We know that you & Alaska are together again & imagine you running & playing as you did when you were young.

Louis you were our special boy; there can never be another Louis. We miss you greatly & feel richer for having had you in our lives, thank you for being our faithful, loving companion.
You will be forever in our hearts. xxx

We wish to thank Rhoda once again for the wonderful compassionate & professional service that she gave us on each sad occasion we have visited her, she helps to make a difficult time easier to get through.

Louis Memorial (2)


27/09/2004 – 09/08/2014

Halli my best friend and my loyal companion. Our hearts are broken and our loss is too great to describe. Love you forever; see you again my friend – Mummy, Sharon, Tamsin, Nana and all the family and friends you touched with you love x x x

Thank you again



Frodo Baggins

Hi Rhoda,
Here are a couple of pics of our boy, Frodo. He is and always will be, a sorely missed member of our family, we are all heartbroken at losing him.
Thank you so much again for all your time, help and services provided, we are truly grateful.

Lynn, Adrian & boys x

Frodo 1Frodo2


Lily was clever, irrepressible and our much loved pack leader (tho don’t tell my husband the latter!). She was powerful and confident, but so kind in her nature. She loved her family, and people and dogs who she regarded as family. She left us with her pride, and dignity intact. I know she was cared for by yourself so well. You were appreciated very much. Thank you. Sandie



Cas – 1998 – 2014

CasCas was not only our beloved pet she was also a true ambassador for greyhound rescue. Cas spent many an hour helping with can collections for the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary and going along to Home Checks for the charity. She was loved by everyone who met her and we thank her for being our pet. Sleep tight sweetheart xx

Hi Rhoda,
Thank you so much for taking care of our girl on Monday evening. I will be more than happy to recommend your service to friends and clients.

Kind regards
Nora & Derek Thomson
3 Chapel Cottage
North Berwick
East Lothian
EH39 5LP
Dog Walking Service .


Diesel: April 2007 – September 2014

First of all thank you Rhoda for letting me give ma wee cat Diesel a lovely send off, and your care and courtesy also, you made a hard day more bearable.

I got Diesel back in April of 2007, with his brother Gucci, when they were 8 weeks old and loved them from the start. They loved playing with each other and chasing each other round the house at 5am, they were inseparable and clearly happy.

So in 2012, I added a new addition to the clan, Dexter, who was accepted right away, what more could I ask for.

Sadly Diesel became ill and wasn’t eating or drinking, I took him to PDSA – out of hours vets, who said he probably had a tummy bug and he’d be ok in a couple of days, she gave him 2 jags, and sent him home. To my surprise he perked up that night, ate and drank something, and back to bed. I was glad to see him doing better. But then, 2 days later he had died in his sleep, he was only 7 and half years old.

I am shocked still as he seemed fine after vet visit and the vet said he was Ok. He was 4.6kg, and temperature was fine. I am so sad at his death and his brother is a bit lost, and wee Dexter too. They are both bearing up and I’m giving them love and attention, it just doesn’t feel right that one is missing.

Rhoda I again would just like to say thank you very much for your kind words and the heart warming feeling you give on such hard times.

Iain & Mark

Me and Mark miss you, Gucci and Dex too,
You were taken so soon and sudden ma boy,
We will always remember you, love ya boy.
X x x x


DSC00064 (2)20141001_191949_Android20141002_194633_Android20141012_021928_Android


Our beautiful boy Ruben left us so suddenly on 6th September 2014 your time with us was far too short but the love & pleasure you bought to our family will live on with us forever.
We all miss you so very much & realise how lucky we were to have had you in our family you were one in a million so precious & loved by everyone who ever had the privilege of meeting you.

Run happy & free at Rainbow Bridge our beautiful boy.

All our love Mummy, Daddy, Nathan & Aaron

Ruben 1



In memory of Zak

Zak was born at SSPCA in Balerno 6th April 2001 (same dob as me) so knew from then he was destined to be part of our family, Zak was an independent gentle boy right from the beginning allowing cuddles only when it suited him, his favorite things were to run in the stubble fields and woods chasing little critters (always head down rear end up).

Zak’s passing on 28 October 2014 has left a sadness upon our hearts and a void in our lives which will never be replaced.

We would like to thank Rhoda and her family for taking the time to explain and show us what happens as we went through a very difficult time and to take comfort in the knowledge that the ashes we brought home were our boys.

Zak will forever be missed and remembered by mum, dad and Kaz

Always in our hearts

Lorna and Allan




Kaz 24.09.02 – 18.05.16

Kaz joined our family at 6 weeks old, inseparable buddies with Zak right from the start, very much a mummies boy who liked nothing better than mum to get down onto the floor and pamper him with hugs and kisses.

Kaz’ s passing has left an ache in our hearts and a void in our lives that cannot be replaced. We can take some comfort knowing that our 2 boys are once again reunited.

Thank you to Rhoda for treating our boy with the dignity and respect he so much deserved.

Thank you once again
Lorna and Allan

Kaz1Kaz2Kaz and Zac


Many thanks for the care and professionalism you showed to us and to Storm last week.
We have no hesitation in recommending you and your service, and have already done so to a number of people.
Best wishes, Andrew and Lorna Noble


March – 2001 – November – 2014

No Storm
No barking to welcome that visitor, keep that neighbour awake.
No soft curly hair to run one’s fingers through
To tickle under his chin and round his ears.
No Storm

No Storm to walk where he wanted to walk
Sniff at every post and tree picking up some message that only dogs could understand
To tiddle where he wanted to and leave his message for another one to find
No message now from Storm to add to the many left before.
No Storm

No Storm to lie beside the bed
To waken with a start and shoot up his tail, as an Irish terrier should,
Not done for many a month
No getting up at 3am, to let him out and have a sniff around and if the moon was full not coming
Back for ages too many exciting things to smell
No jumping 3 feet high to get that ball caught in a tree
No jumping at all.

No Storm to take to Cramond and play in the sand and catch that stick but not to let it go
Till another one appeared.

No panting, no falling, no coughing, no racing heart, no indignity,
At Peace

Storm Gate Pennan (2)Storm_puppy_1 (2)


Hi Rhoda
Thanks again for looking after us all so well today – especially Charlie! She was a very special girl and I’m so grateful for what you did for her and my sister.
Here are some pics of her as we will try to remember her.
Thanks again




We can’t thank you enough for your kind words and professional services last week when we lost our girl Belle so suddenly. She had been unwell for such a short time, it came as a shock to us, our family and friends when we lost her so soon. With your help we were able to deal with the very difficult time quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

We were so lucky to have Belle for the five short years of her life – she was a special dog and we always echo the saying that “you don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need” – Belle was certainly what we needed – a bit crazy, a bit stubborn but most of all gentle and loving. We take comfort in the fact she wasn’t gone from us for long and you returned her to us so quickly – it made things so much easier.

I can’t recommend your service enough – professional, local and above all caring.

Kind regards,





Mr Smoo

Dear Rhoda,

It was lovely to meet you, even under sad circumstances. Thank you for attending so caringly to our dear Smoo and I attach a picture for you. It doesn’t give a very good idea of his size, but in his prime he weighed about 7kilos and his tail measured a wonderful fourteen inches.

Thank you again and best wishes to you and the pugs,

Alisoun Morton and Andy Park



Dear Rhoda thank you so much for the professional service after the sad loss of our beautiful beloved boy.

Zak was the gentlest most loving intelligent dog we have known. He was a pleasure to be around and lit up our lives for 15 happy years.

We miss you big man and will never forget you.
Rest in peace xxx



In memory of my wee guinea pig, Daisy. Born blind and deaf but lived happily to the ripe old age of 6. Gone to join her good friend Honey at Rainbow bridge



Hi Rhoda
We came too yourself on Thursday with Barry the budgie, thanks again for everything here is a wee picture of him
Thanks again
Hayley and Gemma 🙂


Zaccy Borthwick – Zac

Our Special boy Zaccy who was much loved and precious to us, A beautiful natured boy who brought us lots of happiness and a great companion for Danny. We will all miss him and treasure our memories.
We would also like to thank all the staff at Dunedin Vets Tranent for all the care they have given Zac and also my friend Laura for her doggy sittin, help and support. And A Special thanks to u Rhoda for your Compassion, Kindness and reassurance and taking great care of Zaccy on this very difficult day.

Mammys boy (2)


Hi Rhoda

Well it’s been nearly 2 weeks and whilst I take comfort in knowing that we did the best for “Ma wee Dougie” the loss is still immense.

At 8 weeks old I chose Dougie from the litter. Torn between him and his sister, he was he one who one my heart. He came into my life at a point where I had just moved into my own house and having never lived away from home or animals was finding it difficult to adjust. Dougie made my house a home. I just had to look at his wee face and he made me smile. He went nearly everywhere with me sitting proudly on the passenger seat of the car. I look back and think what a shame because I used to drag him from his slumber early in the morning to go and muck out and feed my horses early in the morning. He never objected and took to lying in the hay corner of my horses stable, snug as a bug in a rug! He did this till his dying day.

When robert my husband came on the scene, Dougie adopted him as dad! If there was a choice to be made I’m sad to say Dougie was a mans dog and would follow robert rather than me….little traitor…lol!

Dougie travelled the length and breadth of the country with us on holiday and hopefully enjoyed every minute, including his play on Nairn beach. There is a photo of a young me and him on the beach. Not another dog in sight…….because dogs aren’t supposed to be on Nairn beach. A fact we didn’t realise till we passed the signpost on the way back to the car!

In 2006 we decided to add to our family with another cairn. Dougie took to this no probs enjoying the company, whilst knowing he was still top dog. Then in 2008 along came Hope our daughter and there was no one prouder than Dougie sitting over her on guard.

Our latest arrival, Lily, another cairn, let Dougie take a back seat and rest knowing that his pal Wallace had company, and a new friend to run with.

Dougie was an absolute gem, and has taken a piece of my heart with him where ever he is. Dougie if you out there we love you so much and hope you are having fun! Please a little brindle male puppy our way. You know he will have a good home!

Rhoda, thanks once again for your compassion and support on that fateful day. The service you offer is second to none.

Tears are welling up as I write so I better sign off now and get a tissue…lol.

Kindest regards

Hazel wilson




You were not just a dog, you were a member of our family. You gave us so much happiness and love through all those years you were with us. Wherever you are now ( and we hope you’re somehow still with us ) you are safe and happy. You are the brightest star in the sky and we look up there every night to find you. We miss you so much, you will be in our hearts forever.

We would like to thank you Rhoda for what you did, and all the compassion you showed. Thanks to you Mina will always be with us…



In loving memory of Theo, our beautiful and special boy. (Born 16/08/2000 – Died 06/06/2015)

Theo was such a big part of our lives and his passing is such a great loss to us. Theo was such an affectionate and laid back cat with such a beautiful nature. As a kitten he liked getting up to mischief, playing hide and seek and other games with us. As an adult he loved nothing more than to cosy up under the duvet, stretch out and relax in the sun and play with his toy mice in the company of his family. Theo brought so much joy to our lives and we have so many happy memories with him. Although we feel sad that after a sudden illness he was taken away from us.

May you rest in peace Theo. We love you and miss you dearly. You will forever be in our memories and within our hearts.


Rhoda, we would like to thank you so much for treating Theo in such a dignified and caring way. The service you provided was excellent and it brought us comfort to know that Theo was treated respectfully. Best wishes.


Here are a few of my fav pictures of my boy. Thank you for making this terribly sad time a wee bit easier with the service you provided.



Dear Rhoda,

Thank you for the service you provided for Nipper. It was a positive experience for me. I felt good about every aspect of what you are doing as your service is both very personal and professional. The small scale and individual attention made all the difference. I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone.

With best wishes

Andrew Gardiner


Our precious memories are what we have now to treasure for ever.

Dear Rhoda

Thank you so much for taking care of Junior and us on Saturday. It really has not properly sunk in with us yet and I am finding it so difficult just now to put things into words, so I will keep it short and just once again express our gratitude for your help




These are the pictures of my beautiful Luna. She was a massive part of our family lives. We shared 4 and a half happy years together. Ive still got 2 of her sons Lucky and Star. Thank for being so supportive yesterday. Me, James and the our 3 kids are truly devastated by her passing. It is a comfort that we were allowed to see her even after the vets said it wasn’t advisable. Which was nonsense, thank you for checking for us, and confirming she was fine. It was a perfect way to say goodbye. Thank you Rhona. Xx
Susan, and James Hill (Luna’s mum and dad)









Yesterday morning my darling baby fell gently asleep being cuddled by her Mum and surrounded by love. Her body was tired and she needed to sleep. I never knew I could feel pain like this. My soulmate who has been with me for nearly 13 years, who made sure every moment was an adventure has had to go of on an adventure and unfortunately I can’t come on this one just yet. I don’t have one unhappy memory of you darling, even now through all the pain I can’t but smile looking back. You turned heads with your beautiful face and made everyone smile with your circus tricks right until the very end. I don’t know how I’m going to cope without you my little teddy bear but I know you won’t be far from my side. Part of me has been torn apart and my heart is breaking but how you were able to teach me so much in life without even speaking a word will stay with me always ,until we meet again. You were by my side as I grew from child to adult, I was your world and you were mine. Goodnight my angel. Play with your sister….and for goodness sake try not to attack too many postmen. xxxxxxxx

Sending all my thanks again,

Erin xx.







This is our picture of little Thor.. ️Thank you so much for today, made us both feel at peace and gave us a lot of closure.. He will be very missed, he was loved so much, part of the family. Thanks again Heather and Garry



In loving memory of our brave little boy Scrat, gone to sleep forever on 29th October 2015.

He was our pet, our friend, our rock, our baby and we will forever be broken without him.

Sleep tight tiny man. Thank you for choosing us.

Carole & Gordon xxx

Thank you Rhoda for the caring and dignified goodbye for our little boy (and to Ollie and Alfie, your two adorable pugs, for making us smile at such a heartbreaking time).



20 October 2015 – 30 January 2016

In loving memory of our brave little angel Diego, only 3 months old and in our lives for only 2 weeks.

In that all too short time with us he showed us happiness and love we thought we’d never feel again after losing Scrat and we’ll be forever grateful that he let us be his mummy and daddy.

Sleep tight baby Diego. Scrat will look after you now.

Carole & Gordon xxx

Many, many thanks to Rhoda for the loving goodbye for our little baby. Your care and compassion once again made another heartbreaking time that little bit more bearable.



I wanted to thank you again for all that you did and how much respect was given to him. You made the process that little bit easier. Thank you.

This wee chap was bought for me to get me through a bad spell of depression and he did just that. His personality shon bright from day one with kisses from him and wee squeaks at every touch. He even got the point he would lie down on us and get comfy using our legs as a pillow, then make his wee purring sound and fall asleep. He was very much part of the family and we both miss him dearly, however he is now back where he belongs in his gorgeous urn overlooking my other 2 piggies in their cage ❤️ we will always love him. X





Dear Rhoda,

Just a wee message to thank you for your support and help and for taking such good care of my beautiful Asti.

Yesterday morning was a very sad day for me. Asti,my beautiful standard poodle passed away at the age of 10. I only just got her from a rescue centre last June. When I got Asti she was worn out and sad from being used as a puppy breader for most of her life. I gave her a new safe,warm home where she was loved from the moment she sassied over my threshold. Asti was a beautiful natured dog who only needed to be shown love. I hope I did that. Bless you Asti you brought joy and light into my life. I will miss you xx

Kind regards, Kelly

Asti at the Beach 006 (2)




In loving memory of our sadly missed boy Diesel, who passed away 22.03.2016 at 10.58 at the age of 15. You have enriched our lives and filled it with unfailing love and loyalty. Diesel was such an affectionate dog with a beautiful spirit despite his difficult start to life. I am absolutely devastated. I will love you always, you were a fighter until the very end. A truly remarkable, courageous companion…..my friend.

At peace now……. Until we meet again Xxxxxxxxxx

If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then will you do what must be done,
For this, the last battle, can’t be won.

You will be sad I understand,
But don’t let grief then stay your hand,
For on this day, more than the rest,
Your love and friendship must stand the test.

We have had so many happy years,
You wouldn’t want me to suffer so
When the time comes, please, let me go.

Take me to where to my needs they’ll tend,
Only, stay with me till the end.

And hold me firm and speak to me,
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time you will agree,
It is a kindness you do to me.

Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.

Don’t grieve that it must be you,
Who has to decide this thing to do;
We’ve been so close, we two, these years,
Don’t let your heart hold any tears.

From time to time people tell me, “Lighten up, it’s just a dog,” or, “That’s a lot of money for just a dog.”

They don’t understand the distance traveled, the time spent or the costs involved for “just a dog.” Some of my proudest moments have come about with “just a dog.”

Many hours have passed and my only company was “just a dog,” but I did not once feel slighted. Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by “just a dog,” and, in those days of darkness, the gentle touch of “just a dog” gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.

If you, too, think it’s “just a dog,” then you will probably understand phases like “just a friend,” “just a sunrise,” or “just a promise.” “Just a dog” brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, and pure unbridled joy.

“Just a dog” brings out the compassion and patience that makes me a better person. Because of “just a dog” I will rise early, take long walks and look longingly to the future.

So for me, and folks like me, it’s not “just a dog” but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past and the pure joy of the moment. “Just a dog” brings out what’s good in me and diverts my thoughts away from myself and the worries of the day.

I hope that someday they can understand that it’s not “just a dog” but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being “just a human.” So the next time you hear the phrase “just a dog.” just smile….because they “just don’t understand.”

I would also like to thank Rhoda and her family for taking the time to explain and show me what happens as we went through a very difficult time and to take comfort in the knowledge that the ashes we brought home were that of my beloved boy Diesel. On what was truly one of the hardest days for my family, you showed us and Diesel compassion, dignity and support. Something which I can’t thank you enough for. I’m so glad we got to take him back home with us in his beautiful Onyx urn. Perfect just like Diesel was.

All my love

Kate & Family



Hi Rhoda

I would just like to say a big thank you to you for making a very hard and difficult day for us a lot easier yesterday cremating our boy Bradshaw.
We would like if you could put the attached photo of him in your book of remembrance

Again thank you

Yvonne & David



Both Joanna and myself wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your assistance yesterday when our boy BT left us. We cannot express enough gratitude to you for opening especially for us, and for your kindness shown.

Our boy is missed sorely, but we will meet again……
Stuart, Joanna and baby Lena xxx



Nell’s mum, Lorna, has kindly agreed to allow me to share Nell’s heartfelt memorial that she made of Nell’s life. It is absolutely beautiful and a very fitting tribute to a very much loved Nell.



Hello Rhoda,

I would like I thank you again for the wonderful service you provided me with today. You are an angel sent down to earth.

The work you do is amazing.

Please find attached a few photos of Spud, or Spudalicious as I liked to call her.

Again, thank you. You are amazing.

With love,

Phillipa Herbert

Spud1Spud 2Spud 3
Spud 4Spud 5


Hi Rhoda,

Thank you so much for taking care of our Jesse today. We’re very grateful that you provide such an excellent service.

I have attached some photos of Jesse and his baby brother Walter.

Thanks again,

Katherine & Spencer



Hi Rhoda,

A big thank you for your kind and compassionate service today.
Misty is home now and sleeping in peace.
Thank you again for everything

Misty 1


Simba’s lifetime
* Had him Jan 2012 to 17th May 2016 since he was 10wks old but passed peacefully of a brain infection
* He was so affectionate cuddling and kissing
* Twerked a lot and still tried to popcorn when he could
* Always getting into the most oddest positions
* Greeting me every time I came in the door or woke up
* When he went full belt with weaking he sounds like a submarine lol
* He loved his brother Sammy
* As loved by FiFi, Mummy & Daddy P and Sammy
* Had his favourite two toys Mr Reindeer & Floppy Bear but his last weeks he liked curling up with me and Doggy Long Legs
* He loved to watched tv with me and especially liked the radio on
* Simbas favourite place to lie was under my chin or on his house so he could watch me




Sookie Marie

Hi Rhoda,
Our wee Sooky Marie was taken from us too soon, but she lived a happy life surrounded by those who adored her and continue to love her, a piece of our family is missing but will never be forgotten. Still can’t believe she’s gone, never imagined her not being here with us, and we miss the silly little things that made her our Sooky Marie. She was such a fighter but in the end she was just too tired, and we miss her every minute of every day. She loved nothing more than her family, and being surrounded by everyone she loved, and being the Alpha of the pack.

Sooky Marie we just want you to know how loved you are, and what an impact this has had on us all, but we know you’re looking down standing next to Fergie & Elena watching over us all. Daddy & mommy miss you more than anything & your brothers don’t know where you’ve gone but they are still looking for you & I don’t think that will ever stop , Anastacia asks for you everyday, we will never let her forget you, Megan wishes she could hear you bark one more time <3 You was your daddy's wee shadow & he feels like he's lost part of himself, we keep part of you near always thanks to Rhoda <3

Rhoda, we can’t Thank you enough for giving us a chance to say goodbye to our girl, and for being so lovely and supportive. We are so glad for the lockets so she’s close to us always, and her photo box is beautiful.
You’re so devoted to making sure everything is perfect & that everyone has as much time as the need to say their goodbyes.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Yours faithfully,
Adele, Macgregor,
Megan & Anastacia xxx



Hello Rhoda
Just to say a big thank you for your care with Jake today. I could think of no one better to look after him as you did today. You are one very kind and caring woman, I knew you would handle him in a very respectful way. I thought I would send some photo’s of Jake taken in France the swimming pool was for Jake and only him. We will miss him so very much but he is no longer in pain. Over the rainbow bridge you go and run till your hearts content . Miss you and always will. Pauline & Mike McEvoy.

jake 1Jake 2Jake 3


Hi Rhoda,

Here are a few pictures of our old man Sam, we’ve had Sam for nearly 18 years and in that time he’s became boss of the house even our collie storm done as he was told. But as you can see he had a softer side as well he was loved by everyone that met him including people that weren’t too keen on cat’s.

I would like to thank you for the kind way that you treated us and Sam at the difficult time.

Thanks lorri & Steven





Snowy was such a lively budgie, especially for her age. Shes been with my eldest daughter who is 15, for 13 years, so we have all grown up around her. She had one heck of a character, she just made everything complete. Came and left us with an attitude but we wouldn’t have her any other way. Chico her partner in crime is missing her and still shouting on her Just makes it so much easier knowing we still have her here.
She was a joy to look after, after her mum died. We were very lucky to have such an amazing girl. She was loved here and in Australia out beautiful 13yr old princess.
Snowy a well adored and loved budgie.

Love Ferne, Rachael, Dionne, James, Chico and Tilly

Sleep tight baby girl

Rhoda, Thank you for your help in what was a difficult day for Rachael.


Quill Smith

Hi Rhoda,
Thank you so much for yesterday. It is such a terrible time, but I feel so much better having our wee boy home with us – especially knowing you helped us to give him a special, dignified and respectful send off. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Here are a couple wee pictures of our boy – during and after one of his last baths 🙂

Best Wishes,


Quill Smith1Quill Smith2


Hi Rhoda,just a wee message to thank you for making our boy Harrys last journey so special and dignified he will be sorely missed by us all we got Harry in 2006 he was an ex racer from shawfield race track .I got harry by chance as i ask the lady in the local dog groomers who had an advert in her window for dog rehoming and i ask her if she ever got a grey hound to let me know and she said my friend got one yesterday you can go and pick him up today so i did best thing i ever did he gave us so much love and his personality shone through he made us laugh with happiness he knew when you were down and gave you a hug he even smiled at you he loved the beach at st andrews and saltcoats were we took him often to run free for fun ,sadly missed we all feel lost without him but we will see him again
Harry gave us the best 10 years of our lifes Thanks once again Dave,Teresa,Rhys and Big Harry



Hi Rhoda, Thank you for taking care of my precious Evie today. She will always remain in my heart. She was beautiful, affectionate, playful and so unassuming.

The work you do is so important to give our pets the dignity and respect they deserve.

Kindest regards
Kirstie Henderson.



Hi Rhoda,I want to thank you so so much for taking care of Cookie, you made me feel confident that you would give him a caring and dignified cremation.

Cookie our wee Munchkin cat 14/5/11 – 13/10/16

Wee Cookie, you’ll be up at Rainbow Bridge now with Leila, Broadie and Hunni waiting for the rest of us.
From the day you arrived you brought smiles and happiness to everyone who met you. I hope your short life here was as happy as the happiness you brought to me. Loved and missed so much Xxx



Dear Rhoda,

We will always remember the cat who ran to greet us with his tail in the air, sat with us in the garden and chased foxes in his spare time. Thank you, George, for coming to live with us.

And, thank you, Rhoda, for your care and kindness.

Alisoun and Andy



Hi Rhoda,

Many thanks again for looking after Chewie.

Lynne x



Hi Rhoda,

Thanks again for your kindness yesterday, you made one of the worst days of my life more bearable. Being able to be in control of what happened to Ben has allowed me to feel calm and at peace with the situation and I am truly grateful for that.
I know if you’d met him you’d have loved him too, everybody did!! Here’s one of the best photos I have of him and you can see his cheeky character in it!
Thanks again, Crawford.



Robby was so tame and cuddly. I liked playing with Robby and snuggling with him,he used to fall asleep in my arms. He always made me feel happy and safe, he was one of my best friends. He made me laugh when he put massive treats in his mouth and ran away with them. I will miss him.

Kind regards,
Jane and Athena



Pablo – 08/06/14 – 23/12/16

Rhoda, you are nothing short of an angel in our eyes. Thank you for understanding our grief at losing our beloved little Pablo and for treating him with the upmost warmth, kindness and respect.

Pablo – thank you for being the best wee buddy any family could ever hope for. We love you always, our little Pablo-Bear xxxx

Lisa, David, Innes & Ritchie



Thank you so much for today, we couldn’t be happier with everything. we have lost many rats over the years of keeping them and we both felt your service was the best we have received. It was lovely to see how you do the cremations and to have a choice in casket, everything was done so lovingly. We will be in contact again in the future.

I’ve attached some photos of Luna for the memorial page,

Thank you again and best wishes for the new year.

Holly and Sean



Hi Rhoda,

Was a week ago today I called you, so thought I would send you a couple pictures of Sirus, I can’t choose, so will let you.

A few times this week when cooking chicken I have left bits out for her, today when shopping I picked up her fav cooked chicken breast, then put it back. I am convinced I’ve heard her jumping about, but maybe I’m just being silly.

She is on the mantlepiece, so I can “see her”. Miss her curious smell, the one ferrets have, but still have her hammock, blanket ect.

I have told so many about you, how kind you are and how so caring you are. Animals become our family, even tiny ones, I just do not understand how people can mistreat them, makes me sick.

You are such a special person, an angel, I cannot express my gratitude. I felt I’d known you all my life. You helped me so much and showed Sirus so much respect. I’m glad I seen her, although she looked so much smaller all curled up.

I cannot thank you enough, you gave me strength. I miss Sirus so much, my heart aches.

You are such a caring person and an angel to all animals.

Thank you

Carol & family x

Carol Anderson



Crossed over to Rainbow Bridge to be with his old pal Sirus (above)


Thank you again so much for your personal care that you gave our beautiful 14yr old dog Shynook. It was a very caring service that you provided at an extremely difficult time. X

Thank you
Alison, Alan, Fiona and Ross Anderson



Here is a wee picture of Stanley for a the memorial page xxx



A precious wee soul taken too soon x






Stella and Steffie

Hi Rhoda,

I have attached pictures of Steffi and Stella who we bought to you.

Thank you for everything

Elaine and Jane



Dear Rhoda,

Thank you for the kindness, compassion and professionalism you showed Bracken and myself on Wednesday. You have a real understanding of the position that a pet holds within the household and that they are one of the family.


Bracken (2002-2017)

She was a beloved member of our family and our feeling of loss is immense, we have and will continue to laugh and cry whilst telling stories of her escapades. She was intelligent, funny, good and could be very naughty at times. She was a joy and a pleasure and we will be forever grateful that we had her in our lives.



Hi Rhoda,

Thank you so much for today, we really appreciate you accommodating us on such short notice and for taking such good care of Tanya.

Here is a wee picture of our girl for your website.

Thanks again
Lauren xx




Thank you so much for everything you have done for us over the last few days. From your very first email I knew that I could trust you to look after my most precious boy Frankie.

You made today so much easier for us both, I was particularly pleased to see that the whole time you were talking to us, you never stopped stroking Frankie, he loved to be stroked!!

I can never begin to explain how much today meant to us.

I have attached some photos of my boy so you can see how amazing he truly was.

Thanks again

Lesley & John



Thanks so much Rhoda for taking special care of my special boy, he will be missed so so much by me and all his friends.
Night night Otis.




Thank you for taking such good care of our beloved boy Chewie. It was hard to say goodbye to all we had left of him but we felt confident that you would look after him and see him on the way to his next transformation with care and respect.

It was a great comfort being able to bring home his ashes a couple of hours later. We felt we had not abandoned the dog who had been such a delightful and special companion to us for the last 12 years. We are going to bury his ashes under a dog rose in the garden. That way he’ll always feel close to us.

I have attached pictures of him and his wee pal Rosie – who also misses him terribly.

Thanks again for making such a difficult time as easy as possible.

Marion and Mike



Thank you for helping my gorgeous, beautiful little princess cross over to rainbow bridge. I took on my precious little angel about 3 years ago, she was a rescue, only 1 year old and heavily pregnant. She was always a skittish little thing but bonded with me and the other cats very quickly and just a few weeks later she gave birth in my arms to 3 beautiful, healthy little kittens and she was a terrific mum, my tabby cat Tonks took to her very quickly and became a very loving foster dad to the kittens and a brilliant brother to Suki. She quickly became queen of the house and a very demanding little diva but nothing was too good for my princess and in true diva style, she was spoilt rotten and got whatever she wanted. She was such a sweet, cuddly, affectionate soul and loved to cuddle up under the covers or inside my dressing gown with me. She was a pure ray of sunshine and was taken from me far to soon in such a horrific way, she may have only been in this family for 3 short years but every second of every day she has brought me such happiness and joy and laughter, the way she would go absolutely mad for her laser toy and how she would attempt to discreetly steal the food from our plates and how much she adored pizza crusts, spam and corned beef! She has stole the hearts of everyone to ever meet her but much as I will miss my baby girl more than anything in the world, I take comfort in the fact that although so short she lived such a happy and fulfilling life surrounded my so much love. also take comfort in the fact that thanks to you, I will have her with me forever, wherever I go. It obviously does not fill the void she has left but it does bring me peace and comfort so once again, thank you.




Dear Rhoda

I wonder if you would be kind enough to post a photo of my wee pal Chloe on your memorial page.

It’s been four weeks now, but I’m still missing her every day.

Thanks so much for all your help.

Best wishes

Dorothy Reid

Chloe (1)


It’s been a couple of weeks now since we lost our Gorgeous Bella. Time helps but it is still painful without Bella’s morning routine or her unfaultering welcome everytime we came home. We have an electronic photo frame that greets us with many favourate pictures of Bella in the morning when we get up, and when we come in through the front door (as well as all the times in between). She was so special, so she will never be forgotten, but the pictures really help keep the memories sharp.

Thank you for your help and it was a huge comfort to be able to bring Bella home the same day, knowing that she was never alone.

Attached are some photos of Bella, that hopefully you will be able to put in you book of remembrance.

Thank you again.

Marie and John.







I would just like to thank you for the loving way you treated our dear Suzie today. Your love of animals is obvious.

We rescued Suzie from the Edinburgh cat and dog home in 2007 when she was 5 years old. She was certainly a handful when we first got her but she turned into a loving and faithful companion and a dear family member.

When younger she loved to swim and play fetch with her sticks. She came on every holiday we ever went and was one of us!

We will always love her and we will never forget her. She has left a big hole in our lives which will take time to heal.

Dear Suzie you are forever in our hearts.

Love Janice and Greig



Hi Rhoda
Thank you again for taking such good care of Bill yesterday. It was some comfort knowing that he was being treated with respect and love until he was no more. Plz find below a pic of him I took on Monday.
Kind regards,



Hi Rhoda
Just an email of appreciation for the care, time and sensitivity that you showed myself and my partner when we brought Buster the rabbit to yourself.
It has really meant the world to us to bring Buster back home with us in his beautiful casket.

Thanks again for all you did, we will highly recommended you if ever another sad time arrives for any our friends or family.

Kind regards
Natasha and Chloé


Poppy – 01/05/2001 – 19/05/2017

My wee best friend. Forever in my heart.
Thank you so much Rhoda for looking after my baby on her last journey.

“There’s an empty space where you used to lay, and an ache in my heart that won’t go away.
I couldn’t of asked for a better friend, my faithful companion until the end.”

My angel
“My heart is full of memories, with pride I speak your name. Though life goes on without you – it will never be the same.”

Thank you so much again for all of your help. So appreciated,

Kindest regards, Gemma xx


Boomer – with us 2010 – 30/4/17

You had a bad start to life Boomer, your previous family left you on their doorstep as they moved house, leaving you to fend for yourself for over 2 years on the streets of Wick. 2 long harsh winters you survived with the help of a neighbourly pet owner leaving food out and his shed open for you. Then by chance I met you and brought you 160 miles down the road where you were king of the glen, open fields and so many small creatures to run around with.

You repaid me with total loyalty and friendship and fitted into our family so well. Everyone who met you loved you, such a big handsome, affectionate lad.

Now you’ll be up at Rainbow Bridge with Leila, Broadie, Hunni and Cookie waiting for the rest of us to join you.

You’re so missed Boomer. Thank you for being my dear loyal friend xxx


Hi Rhoda,

We cannot thank you enough for today, we were filled with such trepidation when we arrived at yours even though Lesley had praised you but when we left our Meena with you we knew you would take the utmost care of her, you made an unbearable day much less stressful.
We do not think there is a more suitable person than you to offer the service you do.
I have attached a couple of photos of our girl and one of both Meena and Stoker (our much loved and missed boy) Meena is the smaller of the two.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Sonia & Ally


Hi Rhoda,

I have finally got around to sending you some photos of Indy. Most of the photos I have are of Indy and her brother Isaac together – as they were together a lot. The one where she is a kitten was taken the day after I adopted them at 10 weeks old and the other individual photo of her was taken on the morning of the day she was hit by the car 😢

Thank you for being so respectful for Indy…….you made a difficult time easier. We both still really miss her a lot. I’ll let you choose one for your memorial page.

Thanks again,


Hi Rhoda,

It is with much sadness that I have had to put my old cat Bizkit to sleep . He recently celebrated his 18th birthday but sadly died this morning. He survived heatwaves, a couple of tornadoes, flash floods, numerous cat fights, a snake bite, a transatlantic flight and the cold winters in Berwick. He used up all his nine lives, and some.

Born 13 June 1999 in Columbus , Georgia .
Died 1 August 2017 Berwick upon Tweed , UK

Thanks to Rhoda for taking care of his final journey with great respect and dignity . R.I.P. Bizkit


We would just like to thank you for your kindness and care with are beloved cat Kia. She was one special cat with a cheeky personality. . She filled our lives with so much love and joy. We will miss her terribly. We will never forget her and will always remember the good times we had with her.

Sharon & Allan Weir


Good afternoon Rhoda

Once again, thank you so much for your sympathetic and sensitive service that has been so very much appreciated by my husband and I with the passing of our beloved little Nell. Nell came to us aged five when my husband was diagnosed with chronic renal failure and was so ill he couldn’t muster the energy to get out of bed – until he met Nell. It was love at first sight and gave him the impetus to engage with life once more. Some 11 years later with dialysis and a very successful transplant behind him, it was little Nell’s turn to succumb to chronic renal failure and with no prospect of any such interventions to prolong her already long life, we bade a very sad farewell to our little miracle doggie who had overcome so much over the years.

Nellie was the matriarch of our extended family of dachshunds: dam to Jura who lives with our daughter, and grand-dam to our own Wyvis who is missing her dreadfully. Our whole family loved Nellie and grieves with us at our loss. We’ll scatter Nell’s ashes in the woods of her favourite walk and she’ll be chasing the rabbits for ever more.

Please feel free to use the foregoing on your website along with the photograph below.

This is Nell in her favourite place on the couch with her very own pillow and her Johnson’s of Elgin rug!!! Yes, she was a pampered pooch but it was thoroughly deserved!

Thank you once again Rhoda.

With best wishes and grateful hearts

Maureen and Pete Falconer


Here’s my mums handsome boy Ozzy. He lived life to the full until his last day. He was such a character and will be missed dearly.


Dear Rhoda, Many thanks for your swift and compassionate care of us and our poor border collie Molly. We really appreciate the service you provide and will definitely recommend you. Please find attached a photo of Molly (the best wee girl in the world!). I hope it does her justice.

Molly Gibson (2006-2017) RIP

Many thanks, Kerry and Paul Gibson x


Hello Rhoda,
I would like to thank you for the caring and compassionate way that you looked after Dino for us. It was a wrench to say goodbye, but you were so kind, and we thank you for that.
Dino chose us over 21 years ago, when she was only 18 months old. We took her home and loved her, and she loved us back. And she grew, and grew until she was 5ft long. Her vivarium was so huge we could stand up in it, and whenever we were at home she would be out with us. She loved walking to the bathroom and waiting until we filled the bath for her to have a swim, and she liked to climb the stairs, turn around and slide back down again. She had a harness that she wore when she went into the garden – she could run very fast.
23 years of age is very old for a Green Iguana, but in our minds eye she is still young, climbing everything and getting into all sorts of mischief.
Now we have our memories, but you made the last goodbye bearable, and we know that she was in safe hands.
Many thanks,
Sandra and John Hubball.

Marley and Lola

Hi Rhoda, just sending the pictures of Marley and Lola thanks again for the amazing service and giving them the dignity they deserved


Hello Rhoda

Thank you for everything yesterday. Here is Kimi’s picture as promised.

10/09/2002 – 12/09/2017

Kind regards



REST IN PEACE my Spencey boy
My wee mate who filled my life with joy
Through thickness and thin
Sadness and joy
I always had my Spencey boy
I miss opening the door to see you there
Like you always were
Now your at peace sleep tight my son
And il constantly think about our years of fun
Night spencey 😔


Dear Rhoda,

My heartfelt thanks for making one of my saddest days so very special, your kindness and warmth helped create a fitting finale to a beautiful partnership.

Brock was a truly beautiful lad, my best friend, a brother in the family and a true gentleman. He took all of life’s experiences and challenges in his stride and left a happy impression on everyone he met. He must’ve met his life’s purpose. He is sorely missed. X

I was delighted to see you mention Rainbow Bridge…
On the Saturday evening when I got home the attached appeared in the sky….full end to end and stayed strong for a good 5 minutes…which is unusual.
I believe it was Brock saying hello, and that he’s fit, healthy and running in the hills and waiting…



Hi Rhoda,

We’re still very grateful to you, it’s a beautiful way to remember her, you did excellent work and you were so supportive.

You asked for some pictures of her, so here’s all the photos we took the day we adopted her and her best friend Jemima (the white one in the pics). You can see how adorable she was in them, although she was a little grumpy that day lol. Jemima is still absolutely fine and we’re looking for a new friend for her to flock with.

I’m sorry it took me a while to do this; I’m sure you can appreciate that it was a little difficult to look at these for a while. Now when I think of Sam I smile at her opinionated clucking and the way she sat on my lap, and even the way she kept waking us up at 4 o’clock every morning for a few days make me giggle, so I figured it was time since I’m celebrating her rather than grieving so much.

Thanks very much indeed again.

– Johnny Kirk

Foxy, Shelley and Isis

Hi Rhoda,

I would just like to say a big THANKYOU from us both. Your caring attention & going the extra mile as always is greatly appreciated.


Hi Rhoda,
Just wanted to say thanks for offering us a kind and dignified send off for our beloved Chester.

He was a fantastic companion to me over the 10 years I was privileged to spend with him. Always kind and gentle, a strong sense of loyalty and patient with the, sometimes hectic and crazy life I gave him!

A handsome dog, who always got admiring comments from the people we met. He will be truly missed by Me and Louis.

Good luck in the next life Chestorious.


Hi Rhoda,
Thank you so much for everything you done for kza yesterday. You just made things so much easier for me knowing he was in good hands and being properly cared for so thank you again I have attached a pic of the lovable rouge. I’m just glad he’s back home now.


Dear Rhoda,

Many thanks for helping us through the difficult final goodbye to Amber yesterday morning and it was lovely to read your dedication to her on the website, thank you. I have attached a few phots which you can use if that’s alright.

Amber came to us as a rescued 12 week old kitten who spent the first three weeks of her new life with us hiding underneath the sofa. Many hours were spent lying on the floor with my arm under the sofa to let her smell me and slowly realise I was not a threat and actually a nice person! Gradually she started to trust us and having never known what play was, yes a kitten who didn’t know how to play, she slowly learned through the help of our other kitten Cleo. Eventually she became a contented and happy cat and was ‘attached at the hip’ with her mummy! She never went more than a few yards from the back door and always wanted to be able to see her humans. She was with us for over 17 years and was much loved. We do not know where she came from, only that she was one of 10 kittens removed from a house. All of her life she had a fear of closed doors so every internal door in our house was always open. She is sorely missed but we know she had the best life possible, especially after what was obviously a terrible start in life.

Many thanks, and thank you again,

Diane and John Tait



Thank you Rhoda.
The kindness you showed us and Abby went beyond, and was a great comfort at a hard time.
Thank you again, we wish you well. Lorraine and Andy Innes


Hi Rhoda,
Here are some pictures of Wilbert and his brother Willis as promised! I also want to say a huge thank you, you made the process so much easier and It really put me at ease seeing how it is all done and knowing how much you care about small animals 🙂 Me and Willis miss Wilbert dearly but we have him back home with us now, thank you from both of us.

Thank you


20-02-2009 -06-01-2018

Our big gentle gorgeous boy jake was suddenly taken from us today we will all miss him so much and will never ever forget him he was one special dog
Thank you to Rhoda for the care and support you gave us on what was such a difficult day very much appreciated
Run free my jakey boy 💔

Kenco and Coral

Hi Rhoda

I have attached a few pictures of Kenco and Coral. As you can see from one of them 2 dogs will fit into one basket, because Coral refused to get out. I am imagining the 2 of them together again after nearly 5 years. Alison and I would like to thank you for your help on Friday. It was so much help to me, being able to see things through to a conclusion.

Many, many thanks Colin.


Shady was a character! The family home will certainly be a lot quieter without his constant wails for attention, treats and regular chums to his food bowl!
Thank you for being so kind and understanding.

Brothers, Bernie and Boris

Dear Rhoda,

Thank you for everything, we can’t begin to thank you enough, we are truly, truly grateful.

Boris and Bernie, as I said to you each and every night – goodnight, behave yourselves, look after each other, I love you. Until we meet again, boys.

Zoe and Connor


Dear Rhoda,

Thank you again for the love & attention you gave our beautiful girl yesterday.
I have attatched a photo of Rogue.



Hi Rhoda,

I just wanted to say thank-you very much for all your help over the last few days. Having had Toffee for a good 16 years, it was important that our final good-bye was done in just the right way and you really helped with that. I’ve never had to say good-bye to a pet like this before so not only has it been an emotional rollercoaster, it’s been quite a daunting process. it was very comforting to have someone so down to earth explain everything to me, so for that I am very grateful.

I hope the photo I’ve added below can go some way to showing you how she used to be and how I will always remember her. Thanks again for all your help,



Hi Rhoda

Craig and I just want to say thank you so much for today. Thanks for helping us give our boy the best right to the very end.

I’ve attached a few pictures so you can see him how we do. He was a crazy, greedy, happy boy right to the very end.

Thank you.

Kerry & Craig


Dear Rhoda,

Here are some pictures of Grimlock, pictures of when he was a wee baby and when he had his own wee babies. Grimlock had the biggest heart, and he’ll be looking after his brothers Winston (even though Winston is older than him), Weebo, Chappie, Ratchet, Major Tom, and his son, Toothless. I know he missed them dearly, and it brings me some comfort in such a horrible time to know they are together again. I wish we had longer, though even forever wouldn’t have been long enough, but the time we’ve had with Grimlock has meant the world to us.

Thank you again for everything, Rhoda, words can’t express our thanks enough.

Zoe and Connor


Hi Rhoda.

Thank you for ‘being there’ when we lost our Paddy so unexpectedly on 5th March.

Our Paddy was a fabulous, beautiful – in your face – character of a dog, but so cuddly and gentle at the same time.
He was a 4 walk a day dog, that’s collies for you, and loved nothing more than hunting for golf balls along the golf course and through Deer Park. Over the past 10 years he must have found hundreds of them!! If anyone was throwing a ball or stick for him , he was more than happy.

As he was a very distinctive colour, everyone around Dunbar recognised him, we would even have complete strangers stopping and commenting on how unsual he was – made him and his people very proud.
We will now carry pictures and wonderful memories of our beautiful Paddy with us for ever more.

Over the Rainbow Bridge now……..run run run and play Paddy



Hi Rhoda.

Max 31st October 2010-19th March 2018

I would just like to thank you again Rhoda for making Max’ s final farewell easier. We all miss especially Marley!

Thank you again.

Carrie x


Thank you Rhoda, from the bottom of our hearts.

Flora’s humans
Karen & Emma


Hi Rhoda

here are some photos of my boy Buddi he was 14 nearly 15, and he was a happy little lad who loves neck rubs and cider and chatting to his daddy. He will be sorely missed by mummy, daddy, Dionne and Buster 😢😢 thank you for all your help today made such a hard day a little easier thank you again 😊 we will always love him and he will always be our baby boy and the place won’t ever be the same without him.

Again, thank you, Dionne and Anne

Milk Shake

Dear Rhoda,
Thank you so much for looking after my baby today. You brought peace to baby and myself. She will always be remembered.



Hi Rhoda,

Can you add dusty to the rememberance site for me please.

07-06-95 to 16-06-13
“Never forgotten”
Debbie Mum Laura xx


Hi Rhoda
Thank you very much for taking care of him it’s a lovely place as well we both very much appreciated it and will definitely recommend you’re place to other people

Yours wendy and sonia hogg


Hi Rhoda

This is Cody on the day my son Finlay and I brought her home. She was noisy and active from the very first day unlike Jake, my other son’s hamster, who was a very different character. Cody was always inquisitive and loved nothing more than playing.

The next photo was taken a couple of months ago on her 2nd birthday and you can see she was elderly but still exploring. On the day she died, we commented on how she was still running madly on her wheel and trying to open her cage (which she had managed several times.)

We all loved Cody and Jake so very much, and we knew when Cody died, we wanted something special for her, and you have given us that. So much so that when we brought her ashes home, my other son commented that he wished we had been able to do the same for Jake – his final big adventure at 2 and a half was to escape and not come home.

To some people, these are just £10 hamsters, easily replaceable and interchangeable. But not to us, to us they were members of our family and thank you for looking after her and giving her dignity and respect.



You are my little doggy, greatly loved for ever.


Hi Rhoda

So here are the photos that you asked for of my wee pup nemo…hope you like them… still finding it hard without just back from islay he loved it there and weekends have been lonely without him…but time will make it better…i hope…hooe all is well with you and again thanks for being there…. 🙂


Hello Rhoda

As promised, here are two great photos of him, one in ‘Miami pose’, enjoying the sun and the other with his gentle thoughtful look. We miss him so much.

Thank you once again for all your kind care.

With kindest wishes,
Gill Barber


Hi Rhoda

I was looking back through some old photos sent to me by my friend who used to help us walk Toby when we first got him in 2009 and found these ones.
Me and my husband got Toby from the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home after we got married – he had been found on the streets and we couldn’t resist choosing him as he was so quiet and gave us a ‘paw’ through his cage. It was a steep learning curve as he was our first pet and he had lots of strange quirks including a fear of buses – living in a city centre flat was not ideal but he loved watching the traffic out the window. When we moved out to East Lothian 6 months later he loved his big garden and walks in the countryside. Our ‘pack’ size increased with 2 children and he was always so gentle and kind with them. He died in his sleep on 12th August 2018 after he had been unwell with weight loss and falls. We think he was about 11 but never knew his true age due to him being a rescue dog. He is loved and missed so much by all of us.

Hope that is ok for the website
Thanks Rhoda



Hello Rhoda,

Sorry I have taken so long to send the ‘photos of Shadow, it is 5 month today since I lost him and I’ve had a big hole in my life since he passed. I am now starting to think about getting another puppy, I can’t bare the emptiness in my life any more. Shadow was my fourth dog in my adult life and I have been very lucky with all of them. I’m sure God will be good to me and send me another good one.

Thank you for looking after Shadow for me.

God Bless

Davina Hancock


Maisie I love you and I really miss you. You were such an amazing and clever hamster. I was always happy when I was around you”

Love Athena xxx


Berri 21 Oct 2005 – 19 Sep 2018

We four are now three and how hard it will be without her. Berri blessed us with being part of our family for more than 12 years and how grateful we are for that – she and Pip joined us at just 7 weeks old and were a perfect pair. As you can see, plenty of photos of Berri (of them both of course) were taken over the years, capturing her unique personality and good looks. We loved her more than words can say and her sudden departure on the day of Storm Ali was heart wrenching. Our heartfelt thanks go to Rhoda for the sensitivity she showed during Berri’s final journey. Our girl is now home with us again, where she belongs.

Until we cross the rainbow bridge together, bless our beautiful Berri.

With all our love, now and forever, Greg, Toni and Pip xxx


Hi Rhoda,

Thank you again for earlier this week.

To our darling wee fluff-baby Lola. Thank you for all the fun we’ve had together. We love you always our brave wee girl.

Mum, Dad, Innes & Ritchie xxxx


Hi Rhoda,

Here is a picture of my little guy. I’m glad I brought him down to you to say my final goodbyes. Not a day will pass that my wee boy wont be in my mind, and he for definite has left with my heart. 7 months is just far too young. Thanks again for your help yesterday.

Many thanks



Hi Rhoda,

Here’s a picture of Rio during a walk in Pitlochry. She is happy, just waiting patiently for the biscuit in my hand while I captured the shot of leaves stuck to her drool! Thanks for making that a lot easier on Saturday than I thought it would be. You put my mind at ease seeing and having you explain how it was all going to happen. Not a nice ordeal to go through but don’t think it could have been handled any better.

Thanks again



There are no words that could encompass the love we felt for Lucy and the grief we feel at her loss. She was our baby from the day we got her at 6 weeks old, she was the love of our life, all of her life. She liked everyone but her love and loyalty she saved just for us, she showed us this every day in so many ways. The hole she has left in our hearts, there is not enough of anything in the world to replace it.



Dear Rhoda

I wanted to thank you very much for your kind and sympathetic handling of our dear Elllie’s cremation on 23rd January. You made an unbearably sad occasion a little easier for us both and we are immensely grateful to you for that. She was very special to us.

Andy said you had asked for a picture of our beautiful little lady so I’ve attached that here. I hope it gives you some sense of her joyful personality and enthusiasm for life.


Fiona Finch


Wee Eilidh 16.11.06 – 10.02.19

A precious member of our family. We have lost our little girl, but we gained so much from the love we shared and the adventures we had. Eilidh brought so much wealth to our lives. Without her we would not have the memories we hold so dear. Memories we will always treasure. A true companion with unconditional love that cannot compare. The world is a richer place for having you in it. I hope you are dancing in the sky and the angels know how lucky they are to have you. All your loved ones will be there to meet you at Rainbow Bridge and I know when our time comes, you will be there to meet us too. My little soul mate, my world, my gift, my blessing. Thank you for choosing us Eilidh. We love you very much.

Forever in our hearts xxx


Our wee Lucee, also known as Sika.
In the short 3.5 years we had with her, she brought so much love and joy to our family. We are devastated that we had to say goodbye so soon, she has a left a great big hole in our lives and our hearts are broken. Rest in peace my brave and beautiful girl.

Thank you for all your help




Robbie & I can’t begin to thank you enough. Bailey was our ‘baby’ and losing him to cancer so quickly was utterly devastating, particularly having to make the decision to say goodbye to prevent his suffering.

He was the funniest, cheeky, softy and a dream to have in our family. Even if he did ‘steal’ anything left alone unguarded and then proudly strutt around showing his ‘find’.

We will miss him so much but from the moment we arrived we knew he was going to be treated as if he were your own. You made one of the most difficult days easier to bear, from start to finish, and I’m sure he will give you ‘Bailey licks’ (his speciality) when you meet him one day on the other side.

Here’s a photo of him before he took ill 😍

Thank you again.
Julie & Robbie Bean



Dear Rhoda,

I just wanted to thank you so much for giving Our Harry such a lovely send off.
You were so helpful and understanding .Harry was such a happy little boy he was full of character and everyone loved him.He was a huge part of our family for the past 14 years
We all miss him very much
Many thanks again for your kindness
Alison Kilpatrick and Family


Billy was the joy of our lives, he brought so much happiness and love to our family. We hope that wherever you are, you are getting as many kisses and hugs as you would if you were still here with us. Love and miss you so much, our beautiful boy, Billy.

Thanks once again, Rhoda, for helping us out during a difficult time, and for how kind you were to us.

Many Thanks
Ahtai Family

Also remembering

Kirky, Molly, Gizmo, Shelley, Sandy, Keira, Molly, Hamish, Tyson, Ashton, Humphrey, Riley, Corrie, Tara, Cujo, Zak, Elliot, Tyne, Seran, Brenda, Fonzi, Ben, Bruno, Keegan, Meg, Amy, Tilly, Buzz, Biscuit, Judy, Max, Lucky, Logan, Laddie, Chocolate, Dusty, Molly, Kizzy, Bailey, Tammy, Sooty, Dougal, Jet, Badger, Cracker, Tish, Bailey, Tessa, Milly, Skye, Bella, Megan, Lucy, Milly, Morgan, Cinder, Misty, Millie, Sandy, Bramble, Cfer, Isis, Thomas, Samantha, Claude, Sandy, Tiggy, Watty, Cassie, Poppy, Kretcher, Babe, George, Baillie, Bruce, Ted, Mischa, Harry, Lucy, Jean, Bella, Tia, Nibbles, Leah, Molly, Shadow, Smudge, Ben, Penny, Roary, Bella, Harvey, Dillon, Binx, Sadie, Murphy Jr, Snoopy, Sandie, Gucio, Penny, Tia, Jasper, Evil, Garsby, Patch, Ollie, Gem, Jasmin, Chime, Gypsy, Jasper, Mirren, Baby Duke, Mitzi, Poppy, Dougie, Fllic, Hamish, Poppy, Tally, Leon, Hamish, Myla, Zac, Basil, Rocky, Daisy, Pebbles, Tilly, Cassie,Tarzan, Sunny, Marvin, Tess, Ruben, Mishka, Rupert, Ripple, Grimalkin, Monty, Kes, Jessie, Maddie, Jessie, Maddie, Oscar, Brodie, Ice, Misty, Glen, Mindy, Toby, Maggie, Briar,Yayo, Toffee, Thomas, Izzy, Gusto, Baba, Cleo, Bella, Anoushka, Penny, Midnight, Skye, Sam, Tess, Max, Bonnie, Mia, Rowan, Ollie, Charlie, Nevis, Chewbecca, Cheeky, Spangle, Spider, Millie, Tammy, Tilly, Monty, Archie, Spike, Pebbles, Mac, Bonny, Tara, Millie, Eli, Holly, Sasha, Maisie, Askit, Scooby, Bailey, Bruno, Toby, Brook, Kai, Murphy, Oscar, Rannoch, Tiger, Buster, Jessica, Phoebe, Scamp, Archie, Nite,Floyd, Tegan. Bogart, Rosie, Barney, Tia, Casper, Jacob, Patch, Homer, Penny and Ernie