Caskets and Urns

You are welcome to place an order for any of my products

Email or telephone me and I will arrange to have your order posted to you.
I am also available to transfer previously cremated remains into one of the products from my range.

07787 506 104


I have chosen a company called Petributes to supply my Caskets and Urns.  This decision was made based on their ethos and commitment towards the protection of our environment. Please read the following statement issued by Petributes:- We, at Petributes, take our responsibility of managing global resources seriously and do our utmost to source our products ethically and with consideration to environmental and social impacts. We regularly review our products and procedures in order to make improvements, such as;-
  • Transporting our products in ways which minimize environmental impact
  • Using packaging made from recycled material wherever possible
  • Insisting our suppliers source raw materials in a responsible and sustainable way
  • Ensuring our products are made from 100% natural biodegradable materials where possible
  • Regularly visiting all manufacturers to inspect working standards and practices and offering support in production methods where necessary
  • Using community based manufacturing wherever possible, such as in villages and co-operatives, rather than large factories. This, in turn, supports rural economies and reduces the environmental impact of commuting and migrant working and the consequent social impact on workers.”
The items shown are a small sample of what I have available.  There are many more available to choose from in my catalogue.
The cost of this private service is no more than that charged by your vet – and sometimes even less.
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Dunbar, East Lothian EH42 1QS
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