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At Edinburgh & Lothian Pet Crematorium, I offer INDIVIDUAL cremation of pets, including: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, rats, snakes, birds, and all of our other small furry friends.

Farewell Room

Farewell Room

  • Genuine Individual Cremation of each pet.
  • Open Monday to Saturday, Christmas day and New Years’ day
  • A choice of caskets, urns, scatter pouches and photo frames
  • Collection of Ashes from my premises
  • Certificate of cremation
  • Online book of remembrance

Bringing your pet to Edinburgh and Lothian Pet Crematorium:

You may wish to bring your pet directly to us and spend time with them to say your last goodbyes.

Please can I ask you to call in advance to ensure that I am able to accommodate you at your chosen time?

Please be aware:

Your vet does not automatically use Edinburgh and Lothian Pet Crematorium services, even if you see our poster displayed in their surgery.  All vets’ have different arrangements for the disposal of pets, please either make arrangements through ourselves, or ask your vet your vet to do so.

I can assure you that the costs involved for our services are no more than that charged by you veterinary practice, and in most cases – less.  We set ourselves aside from their service by being able to accommodate your pet on the same day, and offer cremation within 48 hours, but almost certainly this is done on the same day.

I can be contacted day or evening:

Telephone: 07787 506 104

Should you telephone me and get my answer machine, please bear with me as I will be with another pet owner.  Please leave your name and number and I will return you call as soon as I possibly can.


Email: eandlpetcrematorium@hotmail.com




I have had a lot of enquiries from pet owners who wish to visit the site prior to deciding whether to use my service.  Where possible, I am happy to arrange this but it may not always be convenient i.e. if a cremation is taking place.

To date, I have been able to accommodate all pet owners, and always ask if they would like to view the incineration area prior to leaving their pet with me.

I have also been asked if the pet can be viewed during the cremation process via the viewing window.  Can I please make everyone aware that to comply with my license conditions, the cremator must run at 850 degrees and above, throughout the cremation process.  Therefore, for health and safety reasons, license and insurance purposes I cannot allow a pet owner to be present throughout this process.

I do understand the need to ensure that your pet is cremated individually and that the remains returned to you are that of your own pet.  Please be assured that I have very stringent paperwork that needs to be completed and returned to comply with both of my licenses and therefore record every step of the process for each pet individually.

I do not carry out mass cremation and do not incinerate clinical waste.

We are open every day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  Individual cremation and ashes returned on the same day